Shazam 2's Zachary Levi Responds To DC Fans After The Marvel Family's New Costumes Are Revealed

When it comes to blockbuster superhero movies, spoilers are the enemy, and most of the time you see these big movies doing everything that can possibly be done to prevent leaks from working their way out. Films sometimes go to extreme lengths, even preventing cast members from seeing entire scripts just so they can't accidently reveal things that happen. And then sometimes the director of Shazam: Fury of the Gods just tweets out cast photos of Zachary Levi and his costars in their brand new superhero costumes.

While the decision to reveal the new costumes for the Shazam family was, of course, part of the marketing plan, it was still something of a surprise when director David F. Sandberg dropped the photo on Twitter a few days ago. However, no good deed goes unpunished, and while the response to the new costumes has been overwhelmingly positive, there have been some who are critical of the new looks. Specifically, some feel that the costumes on the female heroes are more revealing than their male counterparts, and that the new suits are less colorful than the ones seen in the original Shazam!.

Zachary Levi took to Twitter following the costume reveal and he addressed the criticism directly. He thanked those who praised the new looks, and he promised those that had concerns that they need not be so concerned. Levi tweeted...

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Zachary Levi promises that the new costumes are a big upgrade compared to the previous film, and as the guy who spent the most time in the Shazam costume, he'd certainly know. He also promises that the new suits are full of color, indicating that this first image perhaps doesn't show the color of the suits as well as it could. While it has to be said that these suits don't look to be as bright as the costumes from the first films, it's certainly possible that has more to do with the lighting in this image than it does the costumes themselves.

The other item people took issue with was the difference between the male and female costumes, or specifically the costume worn by Grace Fulton, which includes a skirt, rather than the full pants worn by everybody else. It also looks to be a bit smaller than the version that we saw on the character in the first film. Megan Good's costume is still sleeveless, as it was in the first film. Check out the costumes below if you hadn't had a chance to see them yet.

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While there were a few critical comments, the vast majority of responses to the original reveal were positive and even those with points to make didn't seem particularly upset by the costumes. For the most part, everybody is likely just excited to see Shazam: Fury of the Gods when it comes out in 2023.

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