Shazam’s Director Confirms Who Annabelle: Creation’s Grace Fulton Is Playing

One of the most interesting DCEU projects on the horizon is David F. Sandberg's Shazam solo film. We haven't seen a live-action Billy Batson (Asher Angel in kid form and Zachary Levi in hero form) in the modern era of superheroes, which means there is incredibly fertile ground to cultivate a brand new silver screen version. But aside from the titular hero, the film will also reunite Sanberg with Annabelle: Creation alum Grace Fulton, and it seems that we can now confirm that she's going to portray Mary Marvel in the upcoming DC adventure. Check out a recent Instagram post by the horror director below to see for yourself.

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We've known about Grace Fulton's presence in Shazam for a while, but her exact role in the film hasn't been made entirely clear until now. Based on that behind-the-scenes photo posted by the Lights Out director, it looks like we can now say with certainty that she's going to portray Mary Marvel -- the adoptive older sister of Billy Batson. The character has a long history in the pages of DC Comics, but it's currently unclear if she will have powers, or if she will merely be a supporting player in Billy's adventures.

The announcement of Grace Fulton portraying Mary Marvel in Shazam comes off of the recent announcement of IT's Jack Dylan Grazer portraying Freddy Freeman in the film. Looking at these two reports together, it's clear that DC and David F. Sandberg want to explore the Shazam supporting cast, and flesh out the Marvel Family in several fundamental ways. It looks like this is going to still be Billy's story, but the film's scope will be considerably broader and introduce some essential characters in his corner of the DC lore.

Those of you who know David F. Sandberg's history in the horror genre already know that this casting reunites him with Grace Fulton after their work on Annabelle: Creation. The decision to work together so soon after the release of that hit entry in The Conjuring universe seems to indicate that they enjoyed working together, and it certainly seems to bode well for their collaboration on the upcoming DC epic. The 21-year-old actress more than proved herself as a bonafide scream queen, so now we will have to wait and see how she handles herself in the world of superheroes.

David F. Sandberg's Shazam is currently gearing up to start filming early next year in February 2018, and the film is reportedly aiming to debut in theaters in April 2019. If you're a fan of the Shazam lore, then make sure to let us know what you think of the casting of Grace Fulton in the comments below!

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