As F9 Prepares To Head To Space, Tyrese Gibson Is Introducing Fans To The Car That Will Get Them There

Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris in F9

From the moment the Fast and Furious franchise shifted focus from street racing to having its protagonists repeatedly save the world and be thrust into outlandish action sequences, it was only a matter of time before space travel entered the equation. That day has finally come with F9, with the events of the soon-to-arrive movie requiring Tyrese Gibson’s Roman Pearce and Ludacris’ Tej Parker to leave Earth and head out into the cosmos for some reason.

How will this be accomplished? Well, in the Fast and Furious world, evidently all it takes is strapping a rocket engine to a Pontiac Fiero, and then having the car blast off from the top of a plane mid-flight. But before we see this wild space launch unfold on the big screen, Tyrese Gibson has given fans a closer look at the Pontiac Fiero that will boldly go where no car has gone before. Take a look!


TikToker Daniel Mac stopped by one of the Universal Studios stages to hang out with Tyrese Gibson, who quickly showed him the Pontiac Fiero F9 will prominently feature. However, then the actor “realized” it probably isn’t a good idea for Mac to hang around there too long, as the engine’s fumes might “mess” him up. Luckily for Mac, Gibson was willing to give him a parting gift… only it wasn’t the Fiero, but a golf cart priced at $7500. Hey, it’s better than nothing!

As if seeing Tyrese Gibson showing off the spruced-up Pontiac Fiero wasn’t enough, Daniel Mac also headed over to the “clubhouse” to meet with Sung Kang, who’s finally returning as Han Lue after being absent since 2013’s Fast and Furious 6 (minus archival footage used of him in Furious 7). Kang was leaned up against Han’s Toyota Supra, which isn’t capable of space travel, but is still impressive nonetheless. But if there’s one thing to take away from this video besides that putting a jet/rocket engine on a Pontiac Fiero should unquestionably not be tried at home, it’s that Kang does not share his snacks, so don’t even go there.

You’ll have to see F9 on the big screen to learn the reason why Roman and Tej need to travel to outer space in a Pontiac Fiero, but we have Tokyo Drift alum Earl Hu, reprised by Jason Tobin, for turning the car into a space vessel. While I doubt the Fiero will make it to the moon, now that outer space is accessible territory in the Fast and Furious franchise, it feels like the sky’s the limit on what can be tackled next. Could time travel be brought in? Will dinosaurs start running around? With two more movies left in the main film series, plus Hobbs & Shaw 2 and other potential spinoffs on the way, I can’t wait to see how this universe keeps finding new ways to break the rules of reality.

F9 arrives in theaters this Friday, June 25, though you can read CinemaBlend’s review of the movie now. Or, if you’d rather learn what movies are still coming up this year, head to our 2021 release schedule.

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