Could The Fast And Furious 10 Feature Paul Walker’s Daughter Meadow? Here’s What Vin Diesel Says

Vin Diesel looks determined behind the wheel in F9.

The Fast Saga has always been about family, and as the series continues to draw ever closer to its huge finale in Fast and Furious 10, it’s raised a lot of questions about how that story will end. As pre-production has begun on Fast 10, Vin Diesel has been keeping the memory of the late Paul Walker, as well as his connection with Walker’s daughter Meadow, firmly in mind. Which may or may not mean that Meadow Walker could feature in the big finish.

A good part of Vin Diesel’s recent interview with E! News discussed the brotherhood that The Fast and the Furious started between he and Paul Walker. With that close friendship leading to the decision to keep Brian O’Connor alive in the Fast Saga, there was obviously a question of whether or not Meadow Walker would be considered as an addition to the cinematic family. With a smile and a good hearted laugh, Vin Diesel danced around that subject as follows:

I would not count anything out. Let me just—without giving you all of the secrets of Fast 10. Let's just say nothing's ruled out.

This statement could go either way, as Fast 10 is probably one of the most guarded secrets at the moment. With the potential two-part wrap up currently being plotted, and director Justin Lin not expecting to film until at least some point in 2022, there may not be anything to say about Meadow Walker’s potential role just yet. Then again, it’s hard to keep a straight face while considering that possibility, especially after watching Vin Diesel fail to do so himself when discussing it.

As F9 has headed out to theaters in international markets, and the domestic release looms on next weekend’s horizon, the question of how and if Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor factors into this installment of the Fast Saga is going to be an important one. But just as he’s said when it comes to the possibility of continuing Dom’s saga outside of the core franchise, Vin Diesel seems open to all sorts of ideas. Meadow Walker has embarked on a career in modeling, so who’s to say her relationship with her godfather wouldn’t yield such an awesome tribute to her own father’s work?

Whether it’s through the series’ approach to physics, plot mechanics, or paying continued homage to the late Paul Walker, all things are possible through the Fast Saga. That’s the attitude that Vin Diesel and the entire family have when it comes to telling the right sort of story to close out this final quarter-mile. So Meadow Walker might want to prepare herself for the ultimate gear shift, as she might become a member of the Toretto family after all.

F9 may hold some clues as to how this whole matter would work out, and you’ll get your chance to see it in theaters on June 25th. But don’t let that limit your 2021 movie excitement, as there’s a whole bunch of movies looking to earn some sorely missed summer movie money. Though, there is a first look at Jurassic World: Dominion coming with the IMAX showings, so that’s something else to consider when making the big decision.

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