Luca's Young Cast Members Have Adorable Reactions To Having Their Own Disney Toys For Pixar's Latest Film

I don’t know about you, but whenever I’d go to see a Disney movie I loved as a kid, a hopeful trip to the Disney Store following it was a cherished tradition. The studio has always nailed it when it comes to accompanying merchandise with its movies, and Pixar’s Luca is the newest addition to the pack. What’s extra special about the streaming release is its main roles are played by young actors who get to experience having a character with their own toys and such, and their reactions to having their own merch is precious.

The lead role of Luca is voiced by 14-year-old Jacob Tremblay, who has already had a whirlwind of a career thus far, previously venturing into the award season circuit at the age of eight for Room. Now the actor can check being a Pixar character off the bucket list. When CinemaBlend talked to Tremblay, he shared what it’s like to have toys based on his latest role:

I got these Funko Pops, they arrived just the other day. It’s really cool to see yourself as a Pixar character. It’s very special. Lightning McQueen was such a big part of my childhood and to see [myself as a toy], maybe kids will look up to Luca the same way I did for Lightning McQueen. It’s really cool to think about.

In the video (above), you can check out Jacob Tremblay showing off some of the merchandise of Luca he already got his hands on. The actor was a huge Pixar fan as a younger kid, so of course it's a big deal. He continued to share his experience with these words:

[I have] a Little Golden Book and I used to have a bunch of those. I had one of Cars and a bunch of other Pixar stories so it was so cool when I got a Luca version of it. It was very exciting. And then, I went with my little sister and I took her to the Disney Store and in there there’s this one shelf with a bunch of Luca merch so she got a shirt, so it’s really awesome to see that kind of stuff.

Can you even imagine? Being in a Pixar movie is one thing, but while you’re still a kid? My mind would have launched itself out of my skull. Newcomer Emma Berman, who plays Guilia in her first movie credit ever, said the following about seeing her character have merchandise whilst being surrounded by her own during the interview:

It’s absolutely crazy. When I look at her I see that she’s Guilia, but I imagine when she’s talking it’s my voice. That’s just crazy. I mean she’s a sticker, she’s a pop-it, she’s a plush, she’s a shirt, she’s everything! And I think that’s just so cool that I got to be part of that, because that’s just the coolest thing ever. Voicing a Disney character, that’s the coolest thing ever, I think that’s on everyone’s bucket list, even if they’re not an actor. Being in a Pixar movie? Come on!

It’s not everyone’s first rodeo though. The voice actor behind Luca’s friend Alberto, Shazam’s Jack Dylan Grazer, shared his unique experience with having his own merchandise:

So weird. This is my fourth toy. It feels like my fourth Oscar. It’s always such an honor, it’s so cool. I love it, I’m super grateful. [Alberto] is the only one I have. There’s Freddy and there’s Eddy and there’s the adult Freddy, the Captain Marvel Jr. one. I need a designated shelf, or a designated room, it’d be nice.

Jack Dylan Grazer has a DCEU role in the Shazam films and played Eddie in the IT movies based on Stephen King’s iconic novel about Pennywise. It’s a massive accomplishment to have at the age of 17. The young actors make up the trio at the center of Luca, which premiered exclusively on Disney+ instead of theaters last week.

The sea monster story centers on a friendship between Luca and Alberto as they decide to ditch the deep blue for the Italian Riviera. Check out the full voice cast of Luca and stay here on CinemaBlend for more exclusive interviews.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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