Jack Dylan Grazer Has An Awesome Idea For A Disney Parks Ride Based on Luca

Ah, Disney Parks. How we’ve missed you. As of this summer, all Disney theme parks worldwide have finally opened back up again. What’s always been fun about the House of Mouse is watching the Disney Imagineers transform a storyline from a beloved movie into a palpable experience, most recently with the interactive Spider-Man ride at Avengers Campus. And with the release of Pixar’s Luca, we brainstormed with the cast about how it should make its way into the Happiest Place on Earth.

Shazam’s Freddy Freeman, Jack Dylan Grazer, who plays Luca’s friend Alberto in the Disney+ release, was hyped at the idea of being part of a Disney ride. He shared his own ideas for the sea monster summer movie to translate to the theme parks:

If Alberto could be involved in a Disneyland ride that would be the greatest thing in the world. If I could ride on a ride where I could hear my voice saying stuff and then water, oh dude, it would be so fun, it would be a great ride. Here’s what would happen. You know how there’s the triathlon thing, that’s what it would be and then you get pasta. You pause and get pasta and then you go ‘ahhh’ underwater.

We cracked it. Much of Luca revolves around a triathlon that Luca, Alberto and Guilia team up for to win prize money and defend a title taken by the town’s bully. What’s involved is a bike ride up a hill, a pasta-eating competition and a swimming race. Those elements would perfectly suit a fast-paced ride with ups and downs. And as CinemaBlend spoke with Grazer, we came to the conclusion that the ride offering pasta in the middle of it all would be an inspired choice. Hey, maybe a sample to lure us into a nearby restaurant at least?

17-year-old Jack Dylan Grazer was thinking of the idea on the spot, and honestly, I’m sold. What’s lovely about the movie Luca is you want to live in the atmosphere already, so the idea of a full-fledged ride based on the movie would be delightful. Perhaps it would best fit in Epcot in Orlando, Florida in the Italian Pavilion. The movie’s Guilia, played by newcomer Emma Berman, also shared her thoughts on Luca in the Disney parks:

I think that’d be really fun, if there was a Luca ride where you’re going underwater or something. I really love the Disneyland parks. When I was very young I would go all the time. I haven’t been recently, especially since COVID and I would definitely really like to see how they put Luca in there. That’d be so cool, and I’ve always wanted to go to the Pixar Pier, which is a section that’s all about Pixar. I think it’d be really cool to see the merchandise and maybe some rides, I don’t know a cotton candy shaped like Machiavelli?

Machiavelli is Guilia’s mustachioed and suspicious cat. He’s a character who would definitely get a lot of love in the merch booths of Disney Parks. As far as rides go, Berman also loved the idea of the movie bringing some underwater fun to guests. She was especially interested in Luca’s presence in Pixar Pier over at Disney’s California Adventure, which is home to the Incredicoaster, the Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind, Toy Story’s Midway Mania and a number of other Pixar-related experiences.

You can check out Luca exclusively on Disney+ and stay up to date about the latest in Disney Parks here on Cinemablend starting with our review of Avengers Campus.

Sarah El-Mahmoud
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