After Disneyland Visit, Carrie Fisher’s Daughter And Star Wars Actress Billie Lourd Shares Her Favorite Ride (And It's On Brand)

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The question of just what is the best attraction at Disneyland Resort is an unanswerable question. There are many different opinions on the topic and there are valid arguments to be made about many different options. It is always interesting to see just what different people think are the best attractions, just because it can tell you a lot about the person. Of course, sometimes people can be a bit biased, or at least appear that way. Such is the case with Star Wars actress Billie Lourd, the daughter of Carrie Fisher, who says Rise of the Resistance is the best ride at Disneyland, though just by a little bit.

Billie Lourd recently visited Disneyland Resort with some friends and, as you do, she posted some pictures to her Instagram. While she only posts a series of hashtags, those hashtags do spell out that she thinks Rise of the Resistance is the best ride at the park, though she also has some serious love for Soarin. Check it out.

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On the one hand, it's easy to assume that Billie Lourd thinks Rise of the Resistance is the "best ride ever" simply because she was in the sequel trilogy, and is the daughter of one of the franchise's biggest stars. Of course, even if that weren't the case, it's hard to argue that Rise of the Resistance isn't an awesome attraction. It has a size and scope that is simply unmatched by other theme park attractions, Disney or otherwise. Lots of people who didn't grow up with Princess Leia as their mom think Rise of the Resistance is the best ride ever.

It's unclear if the voice being heard in the Instagram video belongs to Billie Lourd or somebody else, but somebody dropped an F-bomb in the middle of a Disney ride during Rise of the Resistance. She can be pretty easily forgiven as she's certainly not the first to be blown away by the massive AT-AT Walkers in the ride. They are incredibly impressive. It's hard not to see Rise of the Resistance at the best in the park when seeing that.

And clearly, Billie Lourd is a brilliant and right thinking woman whose opinion can be trusted, because she knows that Soarin' is also a great attraction that is still one of the best at Disneyland Resort, even with a technological marvel like Rise of the Resistance in the running. One can only assume that she would also agree that Soarin Over California is the superior version of the attraction. Soarin' Around the World is still pretty good though.

Billie Lourd looks like she had an excellent time at Disneyland Resort. Any trip that includes Rise of the Resistance, Soarin, Thunder Mountain Railroad and the Incredicoaster is a good trip. It really is the happiest place on earth.

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