Watch A Heroic John David Washington Get Shot At, Punched, Tied Up And More In Wild New Trailer For Netflix’s Beckett

The last words anyone wants to hear while on vacation are “government conspiracy.” Unfortunately for John David Washington’s character in the Netflix original film Beckett, those two words are about to become a lot more dangerous. What began as a lover’s retreat has now become a free-for-all that sees Washington getting shot at, punched, and tied up. And that’s just the beginning of the mayhem that’s on display, courtesy of the film’s first trailer.

It all starts out innocently enough in our first look at Beckett, as John David Washington and Alicia Vikander are ready for some rest and relaxation, while taking in the sights and sounds of Greece. A fateful car accident changes everything, with Beckett being the sole survivor. Forced to trade lunch dates for being chased across a country where political unrest is growing, our hero must clear his name and learn who to trust in the process.

That lesson is going to be something the audience of Beckett will get to join in on, as there’s some familiar faces that we’ll be forced to question. Already in the trailer we see Phantom Thread and Old star Vicky Krieps, as well as Boyd Holbrook from Logan and We Can Be Heroes, as two people that may or may not pose a threat to John David Washington. Much as you’d see in a conspiracy thriller like Beckett, those people that look like the safest bet can sometimes be the greatest threat.

Another factor worth mentioning is that Beckett’s central hero is doing all of this with a broken arm. As if John David Washington didn’t already have enough of a battle learning how to fight in reverse for Tenet, he now has to run for his life with one arm bound in front of him. The odds still seem pretty even, as we’ve all see how the man handles himself in a fight. But I'd be lying if I said that the whole injury situation didn’t present this protagonist with a unique challenge.

With the season for action blockbusters already in full swing, thanks to offerings like F9 and Black Widow keeping the box office blazing, Beckett seems to be coming at the right time. The adrenaline of movie fans will be up, and all anyone needs to do is decide to take the journey. Of course, there’s only one place you’ll find Beckett, and it’s not in a theater near you.

Continuing its campaign to deliver blockbuster originals every week in 2021, Beckett is set to invite Netflix subscribers into its world of intrigue and danger when it starts streaming on August 13th. While you wait, check out what’s headed to platform in July 2021, as there’s quite an impressive catalog of newcomers coming online.

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