Would Charlize Theron Join Vin Diesel For A Fast And Furious Musical? Here’s What The Cipher Actress Says

Now that the Fast & Furious franchise has gone to space thanks to the events of F9, it feels like the sky’s the limit on what can be done with this car-centric property. Could one of these cars become capable of time travel? Will Dominic Toretto and the gang cross paths with dinosaurs from the Jurassic World franchise? Well, it turns out Vin Diesel is keen on doing a musical version of Fast & Furious, but if that happens, Charlize Theron will not be participating.

This isn’t because the Cipher actress now has her own feud going with Vin Diesel, like Dwayne Johnson and Tyrese Gibson once did. Rather, she admitted that she doesn’t have the singing talent to effectively take part in a musical. As Charlize Theron told ET:

No, I have zero [singing ability]. I cannot sing, so Vin is on his own there. I wish I could sing. I’ve had so many opportunities where I’ve just had to really be honest. I was like, ‘I really can’t sing. And I like you too much as a filmmaker, I’m not gonna let you down.’ I cannot carry a tune. In the shower, maybe for myself, but that’s as far as I’ll go.

Yeah, if singing is not in your professional repertoire, then that rules you out of appearing in a musical… for the most part. For the sake of argument, let’s assume that not only does a Fast & Furious musical get greenlit, but it stars the franchise’s original cast rather than bring aboard new actors. One way I could see Theron being involved is if she cameos in a scene to deliver normal dialogue rather than sing it out, and then quickly exits stage left.

Still, if Vin Diesel has his way, he’ll find a way to fit Charlize Theron in the Fast & Furious musical. Well, he jokingly entertained the prospect anyway, saying in a separate interview:

She can sing ... we will have to write some bars with her.

Whether or not a Fast & Furious musical stands a legitimate chance of happening remains to be seen, although Vin Diesel is clearly passionate about the idea, as he performed in musicals in high school and came close to doing Guys & Dolls with Steven Spielberg. As far as Charlize Theron goes, following her debut in The Fate of the Furious, she reprised Cipher in F9. While I won’t drop specific spoilers about that movie, it’s a good bet that Cipher will be back for one or both of the final Fast & Furious main installments.

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