Check Out Hasbro’s Star Wars Vintage Collection's Emperor's Throne Room In Exclusive First Look

If you're somebody who grew up with the original Star Wars trilogy, then you probably also grew up with the original Star Wars toys. I certainly spent hours playing with action figure of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. And whether you have kids who like to play with toys, or a collector who would never dream of opening the box, Star Wars merchandise is still a lot of fun. Especially with the Vintage Collection, which reminds us all of those original Kenner toys. Now a new item is being added to the collection as CinemaBlend is able to provide an exclusive first look at the new Emperor's Throne Room which will be made available as part of Hasbro's 2021 PulseCon.

Hasbro ran it's first virtual PulseCon event last year and the event will be returning this fall. Timed with the launch of the event will be the new Return of the Jedi-inspired Emperor's Throne Room, as a Hasbro PulseCon exclusive. The set includes the Emperor figure, the throne, and the starfield backdrop. It will be available for $31.99 at the Hasbro Pulse website to residents of the U.S., Canada, and the U.K.

Emperor Throne Room Kenner set

I know that a lot of people who buy these toys don't actually play with them, but that seems like a crime with this one. It looks pretty cool. And as the packaging shows in the image above, you can put together the ultimate Return of the Jedi sequence by getting Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader to fight in front of the Emperor. I certainly would have had a blast with something like this as a kid.

If you do choose to actually play with the toy, you get some cool accessories to go along with the Emperor. He's got a walking stick for when he goes off to survey the construction of his Death Star, there's a lightsaber hilt, probably the one he took off the captured Luke Skywalker, and also Force Lightning. Because he's not the Emperor if he can't kill people with Force Lightning.

Emperor with force lightning

Of course, there's a lot to be said for keeping everything in the box too. The fact that the packaging even has the classic Kenner logo makes this brand new item look like it was originally designed in the early 1980s to be part of the original Star Wars toy line. It's super cool to look at, so maybe keep everything in the box after all. It will make a nice display piece either way.

While PulseCon is set for this fall, the exact dates haven't been revealed, so you'll want to keep an eye out for that if you want to be one of the first to snatch up the Emperor's Throne Room set.

Dirk Libbey
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