Jackass 4 Has An Official Title And It's Perfect

Some movies represent the continuation of an era most thought had long passed. Those films are usually called “legacyquels,” as they continue the story that was started long ago, and presumed to be completed. The movie we’ve come to call Jackass 4 technically counts as one of those sorts of films, and this Johnny Knoxville legacyquel has a title that’s befitting of a fourth installment, as well as a long-awaited return. Distinguished readers, Jackass 4 is out and Jackass Forever is officially the title.

Per an announcement made today by the official Jackass social media team, Jackass Forever has officially changed its title to something that sounds like it belongs in a mythic franchise. Which is also befitting, as the third Jeff Tremaine directed sequel sees legacy cast members like Johnny Knoxville, Steve-O, and others, returning for another round of bodily punishment. And you can get a quick glimpse of some of that action, through some photos that have been released in anticipation of the July 20th drop for the film’s first trailer:

Two Jackass members trying to push a tarantula back and forth with their breath in Jackass Forever.

If that stunt you see above doesn’t look like classic Jackass, then it might be time for us to revisit the original films again. With two reluctant participants using their breath to push what looks like a tarantula in two different directions is something that Jackass Forever really has going for it. Plus, there’s a new crop of participants that are listed as being “introduced” in this fourth chapter of the ongoing Jackass saga. So at this rate, maybe they should look into hiring Harrison Ford to do their trailer voice-over, as that’s really the only way to go to promote a movie that may have a stunt involving recreational paralysis.

Jackass Forever’s new cast-members, Jasper, Rachel Wolfson, Sean “Poopies” McInerney, Zach Holmes, and Eric Manaka, are taking this opportunity to join the Jackass family. With bigger, more diverse group of performers comes even more daring stunts. So far, there’s glimpses at new sequences involving snakes and mime costumes, some rodeo action, and Johnny Knoxville getting shot out of a cannon.

But the one shot that has us really looking closely is that of Eric Manaka, new Jackass participant and veteran of the Jackass adjacent summer comedy that was Action Point, sitting in a contraption that’s partially submerged. Now, it’s hard to say what this Jackass Forever stunt really entails, as seeing things clearly would ruin the fun. So rather than speculate too hard on what this particular image entails, we invite you, our readers, to play along and guess what’s going on in this second still:

Eric Manaka prepares for a water stunt as Johnny Knoxville and team watch in Jackass Forever.

Naturally, it’s hard to talk about Jackass Forever without feeling bittersweet. As this new film marks the potentially final time Johnny Knoxville will participate in such foolish fun, the experience has been slightly marred by the drama between the production and former Jackass member Bam Margera. But with the march of time being what it is, and a bunch of new blood making its way into the team, we may see the next generation forming with Jackass Forever; and so far it looks pretty cool.

Jackass Forever comes to theaters, for you and your little buddies to share together on October 22nd. So who knows what other stunts, pratfalls, and generally bad life choices in the name of stunt glory will come up by then? All that we do know is the Jackass crew is back, and they’ve brought some new friends to potentially pass the torch to. And I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

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