Kerry Washington Pitches Herself For The Next Space Jam Movie In Amazing Celebratory Video For The New Film

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Space Jam was a movie that, somehow, became something of a cultural touchstone. And when LeBron James came along, a basketball player at a performance and celebrity level that reminded people of Michael Jordan, many started to talk about the idea of seeing him star in his own Space Jam movie. And now exactly that has happened. But one star is apparently looking to start work on Space Jam 3 much sooner than we thought, as Kerry Washington has put together her own audition tape.

Actress Kerry Washington posted a video of herself to Instagram in her very own Tune Squad jersey asking LeBron James to put her in the game. It's a compilation of her shooting and, while of course, I'm guessing she cut out any shots where she missed, Washington is certainly showing that she has some skills here. Check it out.

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The no-look over the head shot is especially fun as even Kerry Washington is surprised she made that one, though one wonders how many attempts were made. The slam dunk on the toy basketball hoop is also great. And of course, the video uses music from the original movie, that had a soundtrack that was perhaps even more popular than the film itself.

At this point, Space Jam has always seemed like a once in a generation thing. Michael Jordan did it and now LeBron James did it and if we ever get a Space Jam 3, we would expect that move would come in 20 years or more when another dominating star of basketball arrives on the scene. Having said that, if Space Jam: A New Legacy ends up doing well enough in the eyes of Warner Bros. perhaps there will be an attempt to make a new movie with LeBron. And if they do, there's no reason Kerry Washington couldn't also be involved.

While Space Jam: A New Legacy certainly didn't break any box office records, the fact is that the math has changed and the question of whether a movie was a big enough hit to warrant a sequel now has a more complicated answer than simply its box office results. Box office is still a part of that equation, but now streaming numbers also need to be included, and there, the accounting gets a little tricky.

Maybe we could see another Space Jam movie in the short term. Certainly if the movie is considered a success by the studio, then that possibility will likely be explored. At this point no movie studio is ever going to completely ignore a potential franchise.

And if WB wants to make another Space Jam movie but LeBron James isn't interested, then I think I know an actress who looks good in a Tune Squad jersey and can hit the basket without even looking. She'd probably be up for starring in Space Jam 3.

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