The Flash Movie Shuts Down Filming Due To On-Location Accident

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The DC Extended Universe is constantly growing, and there are a number of highly anticipated projects currently in production. Chief among them is the long-awaited Flash solo movie starring Ezra Miller, directed by IT filmmaker Andy Muschietti. And while fans can't wait to see multiple version of Batman and the debut of Supergirl, the set was recently shut down due to an injury that occurred while on location.

UPDATE: Warner Bros. has released an official statement to CinemaBlend, which reads:

An accident occurred while filming The Flash, where thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. The crew member involved received immediate medical attention as a matter of protocol. We take the well-being of all our employees seriously and have strict health and safety procedures in place on all productions

DC fans were thrilled to learn that the Flash movie had started production, and have been eager for any reports from set. The most recent debuted Batman's new Batcycle for the project, but it appears that vehicle was the catalyst behind an injury. Namely because a crew member allegedly collided with a the Batcycle while filming across the pond.

This report comes to us from GlasgowLive, and is sure to turn a few heads. While it's currently unclear just how severe of an injury occurred during the accident, a crew member was reportedly taken away in an ambulance. Safe to say that this unfortunate incident threw a wrench into the current filming plans.

The reports all come from eyewitnesses, who allegedly saw the incident occur. The public is sure to be curious about a full report, including how injured the unnamed crew member ultimately was. But according to the witnesses, the crew applauded the ambulance as it left. Hopefully this indicates that the injuries weren't too serious.

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It remains to be seen how this on set injury continues to impact production on The Flash. Andy Muschietti and company have been filming the mysterious solo movie for months now, and each update from the set helps to build anticipation. If the crew member is able to recover, then hopefully filming will continue at speed force.

While moviegoers get to see blockbusters once they're completed, actually filming can sometimes be a dangerous task. There have been some serious injuries over the past few years, including a motorcycle stunt that resulted in the death of one performer in Deadpool 2. Other chilling incidents also occurred on franchises like The Maze Runner and Resident Evil.

As previously mentioned, excitement for The Flash movie has been steadily building. The project was stuck in development hell for years, as multiple directors came and went. As such, production beginning with Andy Muschietti made the project feel so real. And with Ezra Miller seemingly traveling through the multiverse and working with multiple iconic heroes, there's no telling what the blockbuster might contain. There haven't been any leaks from the set, although this latest incident has the potential to slow things down for the Scarlet Speedster.

The Flash is currently expected to hit theaters on November 4th, 2022. In the meantime, check out the 2021 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience.

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