Top Gun: Maverick Star Admits To Throwing Up During Wild Plane Rides

Tom Cruise as Maverick performing an over-the-top plane stunt in Top Gun: Maverick

While fans loved the storyline and romance of Top Gun, most moviegoers remembered the film for its high-flying, octane-filled jet stunts. Of course, the same is expected from the upcoming sequel. But it seems as if not everyone could handle the over-the-top stunts. This was the case for Top Gun: Maverick’s Lewis Pullman. The Top Gun: Maverick star admitted to throwing up while performing wild plane rides for the film.

Usually, having a weak stomach plus a feat of heights doesn’t bode well for a film centered on high-flying plane stunts. This made Lewis Pullman’s decision to join Top Gun: Maverick somewhat questionable. But the power of Tom Cruise pulled the Catch-22 star into doing the much-delayed sequel. Pullman revealed how his weak stomach made flying jets hard to do.

Dude, I didn’t think [it was the movie for me] at first. But when you’re like getting a rundown of aviation from Tom Cruise, you can’t help but be excited about it. [He’s] the best, man. And everything you’ll see in the movie he did in real life. He was like a mentor… Dude I puked so much [in the plane]. I’ll be the first to admit it. Never on camera though. The real Top Gunners don’t puke.

You must applaud Lewis Pullman for sucking it up and participating in those high-flying stunts despite his fears. It was nice to know that Tom Cruise helped him overcome those fears to be part of Top Gun: Maverick. Given Cruise’s off-screen personality, Pullman’s words fell right in line with others’ stories about his mentorship. At least Pullman was honest about his fears even after filming a blockbuster film. But there was more to Pullman’s weak stomach on the set.

Having a weak stomach didn’t stop him from participating in the action. Lewis Pullman revealed to TMZ that he had a special aid to help him out at his sickest. He spoke about having a throw-up bag while performing stunts in the sequel. The Top Gun: Maverick star gave some details about what the bag does.

A little plastic bag… a little boot with this weird powder that mixes it all [together].

At least Lewis Pullman had something to aid him during the turbulent experience. The bag seemed to be the perfect solution to his stomach issues. The fact that there’s a bag specifically for that purpose, speaks to how offers the issue comes up. Overall, Pullman was willing to do whatever to be a part of a future blockbuster.

Despite his fear of heights, Lewis Pullman had the backing of Tom Cruise to help him through the experience. Hopefully, that mentorship translates to the big screen. Moviegoers won’t have to wait much longer when Top Gun: Maverick arrives in theaters on Nov. 19.

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