Jungle Cruise’s Dwayne Johnson Shares Shirtless Thank You Video After Disney Flick Won At The Box Office

Dwayne Johnson in Jungle Cruise

Dwayne Johnson in Hobbs vs Shaw

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Disney’s newest major release Jungle Cruise finally was made available for everyone’s viewing pleasure this past weekend, and it certainly rocked the box office. In celebration of the waves his and co-star Emily Blunt’s new film has been making, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson posted a shirtless (when is he not though, really?) thank you video to all his fans for making Jungle Cruise’s success possible despite the many challenges and delays the film saw over the last year.

Dwayne Johnson took a little break from working out to post a shirtless, sweaty thank you to all the fans who ventured out to the theaters as well as all the families who watched Jungle Cruise in the comfort of their own homes, which were significant. You can check out Johnson’s Instagram post below, rock solid muscles and gentle praises galore:

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While Dwayne Johnson’s video acts as a gracious thank you to all his fans for supporting him and his new Disney film (and also a little plug for his energy drink brand), it also acts as an update on just how well the film is doing. Johnson gave this update on Saturday, with plenty of weekend to go, but says “the adventure of a lifetime” they have created with Jungle Cruise has reached the title of number 1 movie in the world this weekend. And it’s been a long time coming since the movie has been in production since 2018.

Jungle Cruise is available for an additional fee on Disney+. You can use this link to sign up for the streaming service.

Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt’s adventure film based on Disney’s theme park ride has apparently lived up to all the hype and expectations, and fans in the comments of Johnson’s thankful video are all praise. Most fans are showing their love for Johnson himself in the comments with heart and fire emojis, but some are commenting on the film itself. One fan says that she and her family watched the film opening weekend and it was “so fun”.

That sentiment seems to line up with most, as Jungle Cruise has an Indiana Jones aspect, playful banter, and jokes suitable for both kids and adults alike. While some jokes didn’t quite make it into the film, there are still plenty of corny jokes that will result in a chuckle or two - especially for anyone who loves a good dad joke.

Jungle Cruise isn’t the only project Dwayne Johnson has been working on for a while, though, as his film Black Adam is finally seeing some major progress. If you haven’t seen Jungle Cruise yet, you’ve got plenty of time to either check it out in theaters or stream it on Disney+, but if you have seen Johnson in his newest film and are hungry for more, he’s got plenty of projects in the works for the next few years - plus a potential WWE return (where he’ll surely be shirtless again for that if it comes to pass).

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