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Seth Rogen Has The Perfect Response To Hilarious TikTok Theory He’s Been Kidnapped

Seth Rogen in Long Shot
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Seth Rogen has told some wild stories in his lifetime, whether that be rubbing Nicolas Cage the wrong way during an audition-gone-wrong or the time Tom Cruise tried to convert him to Scientology. And the Pineapple Express star has made it clear he’s pretty much high at all times. Could his whimsical life have led him into being kidnapped by a ceramicist? TikTok thinks so.

TikToker and Los Angeles comedian @ChrisCanBeFunny took to the social media platform to ask his followers if “anyone has seen Seth Rogen lately?” He pointed to the variety of vase photos that have been rampant on Rogen’s Instagram with basic captions like “I made this vase,” leading to the “crazy hypothesis” that the actor, writer and producer is being held somewhere and the pretty vases are a decoy. Check out the video below:


It’s a hilarious commentary on the state of Seth Rogen’s social media lately, and became so popular that Rogen came across the video and responded with the following on Twitter:

This video is very funny and not at all true! I have not been kidnapped! This is not a kidnapper writing this from Seth’s account! I promise!

But how can we know, Seth? How can we know? The actor swore he had not been kidnapped, but that’s exactly what a kidnapper would say too, you know? Jokes aside, the TikTok is an incredibly funny and creative way to check on Seth Rogen as he gets really into his vase hobby. As you can see, Rogen’s vase posts are pretty matter-of-fact, leading the TikToker to make a music video about his worries of them being a “cry for help”:

A photo posted by on

It’s been a real joy to see Seth Rogen get into his pottery hobby over the last few years. Back in 2019, he shared that he had joined a pottery studio so he could start making his own ashtrays. He's since progressed in his hobby with grace, most recently making these beautiful, more intricate pieces on the side of his busy schedule.

Seth Rogen recently started a weed company called Houseplant that sells his own strains of weed, along with classy accessories for pot smokers, including ash trays. Rogen runs the business in between starring in the upcoming Hulu series with Sebastian Stan and Lily James Pam & Tommy and serving as a producer on projects like the Darkwing Duck reboot for Disney+.

While the video was clearly a fun poke at Seth Rogen’s recent social media activity, it was enough to get his attention and make the actor laugh at himself. And sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded that Rogen is not currently kidnapped. Now we can comfortably wait for him to return on screen.

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