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Gerard Butler Is An Assassin After Frank Grillo In Explosive Copshop Trailer

The world of assassins can be quite competitive, and a little more than crazy. No one knows that better that co-writer/director Joe Carnahan, as his new film Copshop sees the Smokin’ Aces creator engaging in yet another kill crazy competition. This time, Gerard Butler is one of many assassins who are after Frank Grillo, a veteran of the MCU and Purge action franchises who is playing a man so desperate for protection he’ll willingly get arrested to be brought to safety.

Grillo’s character, Teddy Muretto, is Copshop’s most valuable asset on the board; and in true Joe Carnahan fashion, we don’t know why. All we know is Teddy wants to get locked up in a desperate bid for survival, which leads to his coincidental teaming with officer Valerie Young (Alexis Louder). Two can play at that particular game, as assassin Bob Viddick (Gerard Butler) employs that same strategy to get closer to his target; and not a moment too soon. As other assassins are clued into Teddy’s whereabouts, Bob holds the advantage, but the game is on to try and top him.

Part insane action, part deadpan comedy, Joe Carnahan’s unique energy is felt through every frame of Copshop’s trailer. It’s also good to see Carnahan reteaming with his Boss Level star Frank Grillo, who’s up to whatever challenge he’s given in this bullet laden obstacle course. But Grillo seems to be playing straight man to two criminal funseekers, thanks to Gerard Butler and Halt and Catch Fire’s Toby Huss.

With one clearly being crazier than the other, Copshop has its fair assortment of crazy and dangerous people. And we haven’t even seen all of them, as the race to be the first to take out Frank Grillo looks like it’s going to be a dangerous one to live through. Explosions, car crashes, fires, and even a wall being sledgehammered out of existence are just a tastes of the stuff Copshop is offering to the public.

It should also be noted that Gerard Butler is apparently unstoppable when it comes to his work ethic. As the man is currently on deck for a sequel to Angel Has Fallen and his continuing Mike Banning series, as well as the follow-up to the surprise hit known as Greenland, Butler just isn’t slowing down. Which only makes him the perfect match against Frank Grillo, and his insane ability to pop up when you least expect him.

Copshop has pretty much everything an action-comedy fan could want, especially if they’re disciples of Joe Carnahan’s insanely energetic entries into the genre. September 17th is when the film is looking to open in theaters, which gives folks some time to clear their schedules and place their bets on who’ll survive the carnage. In the meantime, head over to the 2021 release schedule, and see what other films Copshop will contend with on that weekend’s battlefield.

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