The Rock Has A Message For The Fans Who Have Been Showing Up For Jungle Cruise Despite The Pandemic

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Disney's Jungle Cruise movie, like many films coming out these days, is having an interesting time in the marketplace. The film was released in theaters but was also dropped on Disney+ as a Premier Access product for the streaming service, meaning fans could watch it at home instead of in theaters for $30 on top of their subscription fee. When those two numbers are combined, Jungle Cruise had a pretty good opening weekend and while the movie's second weekend had an expected drop, Dwayne Johnson is happy with the movie's performance, and he's thanking everybody who has seen it.

In a quick video for Instagram Dwayne Johnson thanks everybody who has made Jungle Cruise the success that it is, getting the movie over $100 million at the global box office and, while he doesn't drop any specifics regarding Jungle Cruise purchases on Disney+, he seems quite happy with them as well.

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In the text of the post and in the video Dwayne Johnson talks about the restrictions that have been springing back up due to the delta variant of the coronavirus. While going to the movie theater is still an option for the most part, compared to a year ago, it doesn't mean doing so is easy as depending on where you live you could have numerous restrictions in place. Still, people are making the trip and The Rock just wants to say than you.

Of course, for those who don't want to go to a theater, there is the Disney+ Premier Access option. You can watch the movie at home, and for families of any size the $30 price tag is still going to be cheaper than hitting a theater. One interesting thing Dwayne Johnson points out is that, since those paying for Premier Access get the movie added to the full Disney+ library, many have been watching the movie more than once. According to The Rock...

And families are also watching Jungle Cruise at home on Disney Premiere Access for a premium$ cost, but they’re watching our movie MULTIPLE TIMES which indicates not only a smart strategy during these harsh Covid times, but more importantly - it indicates millions of HAPPY FAMILIES enjoying the adventure of a lifetime.

The fact that people are watching Jungle Cruise multiple times certainly indicates that they like the movie and that's certainly valuable information. While Jungle Cruise got only vaguely positive reviews from critics, the response from fans has been much more overwhelming. People really like this movie. It's seen as a breezy fun adventure film and clearly it's fun enough to be worth seeing more than once in quick succession.

Jungle Cruise was always seen as a potential franchise and we know that early sequel talks have already begun. Usually box office totals go a long way to determining if sequels get made but in this case it seems the calculation might be more complex. In the end, the simple fact that people are watching the movie, some of them a lot, might be enough to make Jungle Cruise 2: You're in De-Nile, happen.

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