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Kevin Smith’s Clerks 3 Photo Shows How Everyone Has Aged… Except For Rosario Dawson

Randal giving Dante and Becky as he asks a sexually inappropriate question at Mooby's

Over the pandemic, Kevin Smith has made it no secret that he is working on sequels to some of his beloved classics. Of course, View Askewinverse fans have been anticipating the release of Clerks 3 the most. Smith announced the film started weeks ago with no leaks coming from the set. Now, after weeks of shooting, he finally gave diehard fans a peek into the sequel. Smith released a Clerk 3 photo showing how everyone has aged except for Rosario Dawson.

This moment came courtesy of the Clerks 3 director’s Instagram feed. As the Clerks 2 sequel is currently shooting, Kevin Smith decided to document how much time has passed since the cast was last together. But he didn’t just take a regular still image, Smith recreated the famous Clerks 2 lineup still. In doing so, followers got to compare how the cast looked then and now. To see an ageless Rosario Dawson two decades after the Clerks sequel, check out Smith’s full post below:

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Looking at Kevin Smith’s split image showed how Rosario Dawson looked the same (if not, younger) since Clerks 2 was released. Dawson appeared to have found the fountain of youth despite some stylistic changes for Clerks 3. In comparison, her Clerks 3 castmates – Trevor Fehrman, Brian Cohalloran and Jeff Anderson – have gotten older as evident by some grey hairs and weight gain. But everyone still carried the same spirit and energy from Clerks 2. The differences in the images were so different that even Smith had to comment. The director said:

I knew I wanted to get an updated version of this image from Clerks 2 featuring @trevorfehrman, @briancohalloran, @rosariodawson, and #jeffanderson. The idea was to show the ravages of time, but Rosario ruins the chronological curve for the rest of the cast by being essentially ageless (indeed, she somehow looks younger in Clerks 3 than she did in Clerks II)!

As any Kevin Smith fan knows, he’s always honest no matter how big or small the situation is. Of course, he wanted to chronicle the passage of time since Clerks 2 as the cast is a full decade or two older. But it wasn’t just about displaying the cast’s age, he wanted to celebrate reuniting with everyone to make a follow-up to his favorite Askewniverse film. He was the most thrilled to shoot at the legendary Quick Stop convenience store. Smith said about shooting at the iconic store once again:

But this time traveling trip back to the little store that started it all - our beloved stage of @quickstopgroceries - has been fulla fun and feeling! I cannot wait to show you what the Leonardo lads and lady have been up to...

Kevin Smith’s throwback post was an excellent way to hype Clerks fans for the final act. Smith tapped into moviegoers’ love for Clerks 2 while teasing the third installment's upcoming storyline. Influenced by Smith’s real-life heart attack, Clerks 3 follows slacker Randal as he enlists Dante, Elias, Jay and Silent Bob to make a film about his life at the Quick Stop Groceries. Of course, Rosario Dawson’ Becky will get caught up in the mix. The film is currently filming in Clerks’ home base of Leonardo, New Jersey. But fans will have to wait until 2022 to see the final cut of Clerks 3.

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