New Fan Idea Combines The World Of Harry Potter And Jurassic Park, And Now I Need It

Harry Potter and Alan Grant

Fan artists are a gift to every fandom. Their creativity seemingly knows no limits, and they come up with creative crossovers and other ideas most people would never dream of. For example, one Jurassic Park fan had the brilliant idea to combine that popular film series with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. That idea might seem pretty out there to some. But now that we’ve seen the potential, it’s hard to not imagine the possibilities.

It’s September 1st. John Hammond is getting ready to board the Hogwarts Express, and he’s clutching his pet Compy in one hand and his newly procured Ollivander’s wand in the other. Can you picture it? No? Well, one graphic designer and fan artist did. And through Twitter, they shared their vision of what it might be like if Jurassic Park characters were wizards:

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Even if you’re not fully sold on the idea of a Jurassic Park crossover, it’s hard to deny that the artist hasn’t made a compelling case for bringing the two worlds together. Their rendering of what some of the franchise’s main characters' wands might look like is uncanny (of course Alan Grant would have the velociraptor’s claw on his wand). And since so many of the characters in the series are brainy and brave, it’s easy to imagine them hanging out in the library at Hogwarts or sneaking their dinosaurs down for a visit with Hagrid.

Now, we naturally have to wonder which houses each of the characters would be sorted into if they did head to Hogwarts. As one of the most patient and hard-working characters in Jurassic Park, Ellie Sattler seems like she'd be a shoe-in for Hufflepuff. With his love of big-picture thinking, Ian Malcolm would fit right in with the Ravenclaws. Alan Grant may be prickly, but he’s courageous and bold -- so he could be at home in Gryffindor Tower. And both John Hammond and Dennis Nedry most certainly embody Slytherin’s traits of ambition and cunning.

It does look like there are more Harry Potter films on the way (eventually), and there’s reason to believe the Jurassic World franchise has some life left in it, too. But sadly, it seems unlikely that we’ll actually get this crossover. Maybe they’d be a better match for the Fantastic Beasts spinoff -- Newt Scamander definitely has his hands full these days, but he’d probably enjoy some time with the dinos.

However, that doesn't mean it’s completely out of the question. After all, since members of both the Fast and Furious franchise and the Jurassic series seem to be enthusiastic about the possibility of a crossover, it does seem like anything is possible -- even a T-Rex hanging out in the Forbidden Forest.

Katherine Webb