Chris Pratt Is All In On A Jurassic World/Fast And Furious Movie, Even Has A Wild Idea

Chris Pratt as Owen

Blockbuster crossovers tend to be impossible because the same studio doesn’t own the rights to, say, the Mission: Impossible franchise and the James Bond series (so put away all of that Ethan Hunt-007 fan fiction, folks, because it’s not happening). But if the same studio does retain the rights to two major franchises, then all of a sudden, talk of a team up sounds a little more feasible. Such is the state of an unusual wish first raised by F9 co-star Michelle Rodriguez when asked about the wild places she’d like to see the Fast & Furious series go now that they have done everything from move a missile with The Rock’s bare hands to reportedly sending Ludacris and Tyrese into space.

Basically, she wants Dom and crew to fight dinosaurs. We ran the idea past Chris Pratt the other day, and in the video above, he tells us why he’s so down for this idea, and even goes so far as to suggest -- with his tongue in his cheek -- how the crossover might go down. Watch Pratt in the video above.

Could this happen? Technically, yes. Both massive move franchises, Fast & Furious and Jurassic World, are owned by Universal Studios, and in much the same way that Marvel Studios mixes and matches its characters, it’s possible that the ongoing adventures of Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and his family could be happening at the same time, and on the same timeline, as the disastrous dinosaur theme park experiments on Isla Nublar are taking place. Slowly but surely, the Jurassic series has been moving dinosaurs closer to the mainland, with the final scene of J.A. Bayona’s Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom showing dinosaurs roaming through our ecosystem, approaching urban areas as Jeff Goldblum talked about humans and dinosaurs co-existing.

Co-existing with Dom, Letty (Michelle Rodriguez), Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) and their fastest cars?

But in Chris Pratt’s universe, it might not be the humans behind the wheel. It might be the dinosaurs, as he and The Tomorrow War costar Edwin Hodge giddily imagine a scenario where Pratt’s pet dino, Blue, is behind the wheel of a muscle car. This would require Pratt’s hero, Owen Grady, to team up with the Fast family to bring the roving creatures down. Then they’d celebrate with ice-cold Coronas. When pitched the idea, Pratt said:

I hadn’t heard that! Yeah, let’s do it. That sounds good. Because… if there’s one thing a T-Rex can’t ‘F’ with, it’s family. Hey man, if that’s what the audience wants, I’m in. … That’d be sick. I’d love to work with Vin. That’d be good.

If this ends up happening, I feel like I’m going to be owed some sort of finder’s fee for introducing the idea to Chris Pratt. He seems all in, and I think he has enough juice to make this happen. F9 will be in theaters starting on June 25, though you are going to have to wait all the way until June 10, 2022 to see Jurassic World: Dominion, the next chapter in that ongoing saga. Our Upcoming Movie Releases guide has all that information, so make sure you are checking it often.

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