Awkwafina On ‘Mind-Blowing’ Little Mermaid Experience


Disney is pumping out project after project right now, and it's still making time to remake its many of its classic animated Disney Princess films into live-action, all-star-casted affairs. One such film that has been in the works for a hot minute is The Little Mermaid. Star Awkwafina has now expressed how “mind-blowing” her experience working on The Little Mermaid remake was, and even teased that she believes the world will love what they did with it.

It seems like it’s every little kids’ dream to live their own Disney movie. It sounds like that is just the case for comedian Awkwafina, because in an interview with, she explained how cool it was to work on the The Little Mermaid - especially being surrounded by such amazing talent that is also present in the film. Here’s what the Crazy Rich Asians actress said:

Oh man. I mean, that was so cool. I mean, each one of these experiences is mind blowing in their own respect and very special, and for that one, it was so cool to work with Rob Marshall and Lin-Manuel [Miranda]. And I think that the world's going to really, really like it.

Awkwafina participates in The Little Mermaid remake as the voice of Scuttle, the eccentric seagull who thinks she is an expert on everything human. Having a background in comedy and voicing children’s movies, Awkwafina is a pretty solid choice to play Scuttle, seeing as the bird makes up funny words for typical human objects she happens across.

Although her talent is pretty substantial, Awkwafina is just one of the many jewels in the crown of the live-action The Little Mermaid. As she mentioned in her interview, Awkwafina works with the likes of Hamilton’s Lin-Manuel Miranda and Rob Marshall (who should be used to working together), who has directed a number of high budget musical movies like Into The Woods and Chicago. Melissa McCarthy and Javier Bardem also have leading roles in the production, and Halle Bailey feature film debut as an adult in the leading role of Ariel.

The Little Mermaid is nowhere near Awkwafina’s first project with Disney, as the major company has cast her in a number of films, both live action and animated. Most majorly and recently, the comedic actress lent her voice to the popular, newer Disney princess film Raya and the Last Dragon as the leading dragon, and she will appear in the Marvel film Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings that is set to hit theaters on September 3.

As for The Little Mermaid, we’ve got a much longer wait until we can expect it to hit a viewable screen. Production on the remake wrapped back in July, but it’s expected to release sometime next year; a specific date has not yet been set. If what Awkwafina says is true though, we can expect to be pleased with the final project.

Carlie Hoke
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