Lizzo Reacts To Fans Calling For Her To Be Cast In Disney’s Live-Action Hercules

Lizzo in Rumors music video
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Lizzo is a huge Disney fan, so would someone give her a role already? Back in 2018, the chart-topping pop singer shared a convincing Ursula rendition for Halloween that had some people feeling less confident about Melissa McCarthy’s role in the live-action Little Mermaid movie, in all honesty. But since that ship has sailed, it’s time to think about another Disney role for Lizzo. Since she released an Ancient Greek inspired music video, fans want her to play one of the Muses.

It’d be perfect, right? There’s even a live-action Hercules movie in the works from the Russo Brothers, and it just wouldn’t be the same without its musical narrators. Since Lizzo’s “Rumors” music video came out last week, fans have been casting the “Truth Hurts” singer and other actors as specific Muses, and Lizzo is reacting to their ideas.


Lizzo is active on TikTok, most famously for her posts connecting her and Chris Evans, so she came across the side of the social media platform casting her in the Hercules movie. The one she chose to react to is a commentary on users' tendency to imagine her as the shortest and heaviest of the bunch, just because she is a full-figured pop singer. And, no thank you.

Lizzo reacted to a post by Alexsis Page, which criticized another post that cast her as Thalia among their picks. She shared that it “pisses her off” that people would cast her in that role when she’s clearly better for the role of Terpsichore, because her vocal register matches more closely with the character that was initially voiced by LaChanze in the animated film. She pointed out that Lizzo would actually be one of the taller Muses of the bunch. Judging by Lizzo’s reaction, she agrees with Page’s analysis and is down to bring her vocals to a Hercules film.

The TikToker subsequently made a post sharing her own picks for the Muses, which include Respect’s Jennifer Hudson as the middle and main Muse Calliope, Glee’s Amber Riley and Alex Newell as Melpomeme and Cilo, along with Orange Is The New Black’s Uzo Aduba as Thalia. Page sparks a great conversation about how casting too often comes down to outward appearance over who is better for a character, and her casting ideas are on point.

We have to wonder if Lizzo’s latest music video “Rumors” is subliminal messaging to Disney about the impending Hercules live-action movie. I mean, just look at the visuals:

Someone even edited the song on top of the original animation of “Rumors” to give fans an idea of how Lizzo’s voice with the movie could go with Hercules. It’s another reason why Lizzo’s latest video is basically an unofficial audition for Hercules:

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Disney's live-action Hercules was first announced back in April 2020, with Avengers: Endgame’s Russo brothers producing and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings's David Callaham writing. The Russos updated in early 2021 that they were awaiting a script before moving forward through development. Until then, the next live-action Disney films are The Little Mermaid and Peter Pan & Wendy.

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