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Adam Sandler Is Out Here Balling With NBA Stars Again, And Twitter Can't Get Enough

Adam Sandler has some iconic sports movie roles. From Happy Gilmore to The Waterboy, Sandler has had no problem around a variety of sports and clearly is a big fan. His one true love in sports might be basketball, and he has been showing off his skills all summer, playing random pick-up games with fans, and the internet is loving it. Now Adam Sandler is out here balling with NBA stars, and Twitter can't get enough.

It’s the NBA off-season, a time when professionals work on their games behind closed doors and get together with some of their friends and colleagues and run pick-up games. Adam Sandler has been lighting it up on courts all around California, so it's no surprise he got an invite to a select pickup basketball run with some major NBA star power, including Trae Young, Tobias Harris, and John Wick star Boban Marjanovic. Here is the video from Twitter of the pickup game Adam Sandler partook in that has the internet going nuts:

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We can see Adam Sandler having a blast playing with NBA players and catching a dime from Trae Young and hitting a short corner jumper, looking very comfortable out there among the giants. Sandler has been playing ball for years, and this summer, his habits have blown up with random sightings of Adam Sandler hooping at LA fitness or on the side of the road. Here’s what Twitter has to say about Adam Sandlers basketball adventure:

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Adam Sandler has a reputation to uphold and reminds the masses every once in a while that he is indeed “a bucket.” Haters will say it’s only one bucket in the video, but Adam Sandler is a man in his mid-fifties who is getting to play with NBA players, which is a dream for many people. Most would have missed the jumper Adam Sandler took.

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Adam Sandler is such a pickup basketball icon that fans want him in the next NBA 2K video game, and I can’t argue against how cool that would be. 2K executive Ronnie 2K quoted the above tweet and shouted out to Adam Sandler, telling him they should talk, so fingers crossed.

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Fans really appreciate Adam Sandler's seemingly simple lifestyle choices. All he seems to do is hang out with his family, play basketball and make a lot of families comedies, and people respect his hustle.

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Adam Sandler has also gotten some certified praise from NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal, who says Adam Sandler has some legit skills, not NBA level, but pretty good for a man in his mid-fifties. Sandler clearly has been playing a long time and has a lot of tricks under his sleeve because he keeps catching people by surprise, as we have seen this summer.

Adam Sandler is currently filming his new basketball film Hustle, with a few NBA players making an appearance. If you want to see Adam Sandler in a serious movie that puts his basketball fandom to test in the most destructive way possible, check out the Safdie Brother’s movie Uncut Gems. Adam Sandler isn’t slowing down anytime soon, with several projects in the works, and hopefully, he keeps his basketball hobby going storing.

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