Watch Adam Sandler Playing Pick-Up Basketball With Fans

Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore

Can Adam Sandler get any more relatable? First the man has pretty much the most human reaction to a 30 minute wait time at IHOP, and now he’s out here in Long Island hitting the blacktop and holding his own with fellow basketball lovers. I honestly can’t get enough content of Sandler in the wild, and now we all get to watch the Grown Ups actor play pick-up basketball with fans.

If anyone thought the comedic actor was just about pancakes and milkshakes, Adam Sandler is sure proving them wrong on the court. Anthony Puccio, a sports writer, was sent a video of Sandler playing pick-up basketball in Long Island with fans and posted it to his Twitter. As you can see in the video below, Sandler isn’t half bad:

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While playing basketball definitely wouldn’t be the weirdest thing he’s done for fans, Adam Sandler is actually a genuine lover of the sport, and it doesn’t seem like this is a one time occurrence for the star at all. One commenter says Sandler could be seen playing basketball a couple times a day when he was in her town filming Grown Ups 2 and Hubie Halloween, even playing with her husband a couple times. It sounds like the actor is pretty much always down to play ball.

Other commenters seem to be of a few different schools of thought. One group is overwhelmingly concerned about the lack of talent Adam Sandler is facing on the court, seeing as his passes are going to people who can’t seem to make the ball into the basket. Other fans are talking about what Sandler is wearing, some commending the actor for wearing whatever he feels like in true baller status, and others thinking he looks pretty ridiculous next to all the modern players in his collared shirt and baggy shorts. One fan even hilariously nods to Happy Gilmore, saying he’s ready to play golf and ball simultaneously.

That’s not the only area that fans seem to not be able to agree, as some are saying Adam Sandler looks to be playing pretty well and even should be talking to the NBA. While I certainly wouldn’t go that far for the 54-year-old comedian, he’s still looking pretty good on the court to me. Other fans aren’t quite convinced of his skill, saying he seems to be traveling quite a bit down the court.

Adam Sandler may be a world famous actor and be worth literally hundreds of millions of dollars, but you can’t say the man isn’t humble. It honestly just seems like he just wants some milkshakes and his time on the court, all while making his fans pretty happy in the process.

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