Ocean’s Co-Star Don Cheadle Helped Matt Damon Figure Out His Rule For Filming Away From His Wife And Kids

The Ocean’s films are fun all-star romps that put Matt Damon and Don Cheadle on the same playing field, but it wasn't just screentime that the two actors were sharing in the movies. Shooting the trilogy together allowed Damon to peek into what fatherhood in Hollywood is like from Cheadle. Damon witnessed what it looked like to be away from his family, and his observations led to The Last Duel star creating a personal rule for being away from his wife and kids for work.

Of course, Don Cheadle would give Matt Damon parenting advice, as one can imagine co-stars forming a bond over multiple movies would give one a peek into another's private life. So, eventually, the conversation of raising a family might come up – and Cheadle was more than ready to give some insight to a then-childless Damon. The Bourne star spilled what his Ocean’s co-star told him about being a parent with a Hollywood career during an appearance on Showtime’s Desus and Mero, saying,

Before I had kids, I was talking to Don Cheadle about it, but he always said, he’d said to his kids like you know, because he’d have to go away, but when he was home he was really home. And he would say, ‘When I’m away I’m away, but when I’m home, you would see how I drop you off and pick you up from school. And I’m here.’ You know what I mean?

The way Don Cheadle explained filming on location to his kids seems so on-brand for him. He was just so forthright about the situation. As an actor, when they are busy, there’s no full stop. But the lull times allow them to spend the time with their family most working parents crave to achieve. Of course, Cheadle would know how to make that work long-term.

Don Cheadle interview with Kevin Hart

Matt Damon apparently studied how his co-star handled being a father and husband while being away for long periods, and he took what he perceived to heart, as he has adopted a similar philosophy when it comes to navigating family and professional life.

As a family man, Matt Damon spoke on how he deals with being away from his family during the recent interview. Damon went on to reveal the special deal he made with his wife and daughters regarding filming on location. The Stillwater star spoke on his well-known two-week rule, explaining,

We set a two-week rule for my kids and my wife. We’re not away from each other for more than two weeks. If you’re away for more than two weeks you start to get used to it. You know? It’s like, wait a minute.

Matt Damon’s logic made sense given his love for being a husband and father. A sense of comfort can settle in once someone gets used to being alone. But at least Matt Damon puts his family above his job at this point in his career. He did notably end up breaking the rule in the making of Stillwater, but he's clearly trying to make the effort.

Matt Damon seems to be doing his best to put his family first, and has worked to prove that having a Hollywood career doesn’t mean sacrificing time with his wife and children. This work-life balance seemed to have worked for him given the multiple projects he is committed to. Hopefully, his daughters will look back someday and cherish all their time together.

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