Venom Is Coming To The Next Spider-Man Video Game, And He’ll Be Voiced By A Horror Icon

Tony Todd as Candyman

Today we live in a golden age of superhero movies. We can basically assume that any forthcoming movie starring your favorite character is probably, at worst, still going to be fine. There's an expectation of quality that simply wasn't there 20 years ago. The same was once true of superhero video games. There was a time when superhero games were often bad, but that time is also passed thanks to entries like the Batman: Arkham series, and the recent Spider-Man game from Insomniac. Any now that game is getting a full sequel, and it's bringing Venom to the party, who will be voiced by Candyman himself, Tony Todd.

Yesterday Sony held a big event to let PlayStation gamers know what new games were on the horizon, and one of the most exciting, if not surprising, titles was a sequel to the highly successful Spider-Man. While the game isn't scheduled to be released until 2023, a teaser trailer debuted which showed both Peter Parker and Miles Morales, taking down bad guys. Along with this is the voice over of a character talking about looking for a challenge, and hoping that one of the two Spider-Men (Spider-Mans?) will finally provide it. While unseen in the trailer it looks like Kraven the Hunter will appear in the new game as well.

The trailer ends with a third character, who is willing to provide Kraven a challenge. As lightning flashes, we see Venom, and his voice is unmistakable. That deep voice of Tony Todd is perfect for Venom, and now this new game can't come soon enough. Venom sounds all the more terrifying when he sounds like Candyman. That voice alone is a big part of what made Todd a horror icon, and the trailer is certainly giving this new game a bit of a horror vibe.

The first game threw the entire Sinister Six at Peter Parker, and while it's certainly possible they could return in the sequel, none of them died, it looks like the focus will be elsewhere. There will likely be still more villains to appear. The first Spider-Man game included numerous Spidey foes in a number of fun side missions, and Spider-Man, like Batman, has one of the more interesting stables of villains and there are plenty to choose from.

While the new game is Spider-Man 2, it's actually the third game in the franchise. The first game ended with the discovery that Miles Morales also had powers, and a spin off game Spider-Man: Miles Morales came out at the end of 2020. While the core gameplay of the series will likely remain mostly unchanged. The trailer does show the Iron Spider suit being used, so that has the potential to make things fun if it's used in new and interesting ways.

And Marvel fans can also get even more excited for the future of video games, as Insomniac Games also teased a new Wolverine game that is in early development. One can only hope that one is able to get a particular voice actor on board.

Dirk Libbey
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