After Tom Cruise Saved A Mission: Impossible Crew Member On A Moving Train, Set Photo Teases The Epic Scene

Tom Cruise is known as an actor who wants to do all his own stunts. But I suppose one should never lose track of the fact that for Cruise to be able to do all those stunts, there have to be numerous crew members willing to put themselves at some degree of risk in order to film Cruise doing his action sequences. For Cruise to go running around on the top of a moving train, somebody has to be there to film him doing it. During a recent shoot, it appears that one of the cameramen filming an action sequence lost their footing on the top of the train. Luckily, Tom Cruise was there to save the day.

Mission: Impossible 7 recently did some filming at the North Yorkshire Moors railway that involved an action scene on top of the train and the Daily Mail has some shots from behind the scenes, which include pictures of a cameraman sliding down the side of the moving train car, and Tom Cruise jumping in to grab him. The camera man is harnessed in, but Cruise is able to keep a bad situation from getting worse. Of course, the cameraman wasn't the only one hanging on to the edge of a moving train, as it turns out Cruise scene required him to do the same. Shortly after, director Christopher McQuarrie shared a photo of Cruise seemingly from that very scene. Check it out below.

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This isn't the first time we've seen Tom Cruise on top of a train for the new Mission: Impossible movies. Back in October the actor was spied riding the rails in Norway. It's barely possible there are two different train sequences in Mission: Impossible 7, or one scene in each of the two Mission: Impossible movies that are on the way. It seems instead that part of the sequence was shot in Norway and the rest is being done in the UK.

It also seems that the Mission: Impossible movies aren't quite done filming with trains yet, as director Christopher McQuarrie Instagram image says the cast and crew will be coming back for "one last bit of mischief" before too long. The Mission: Impossible cast and crew have certainly been getting up to their share of mischief since the two movies that are being shot back-to-back went into production. In addition to seeing Tom Cruise fight bad guys on top of trains we've also seen him jump off the sides of mountains on motorcycles. Who knows what else the man has planned for the next two movies?

Unfortunately, we'll all have to wait even longer to see all the cool action as Mission: Impossible 7, which was originally set to open this summer, before being delayed to November, has again been delayed and now will not open until May of 2022. Mission: Impossible 8 will follow one year later.

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