Seth Rogen Has A Funny Take After Not Getting Cast In That Awesome-Looking Leonardo DiCaprio And Jonah Hill Netflix Film

Seth Rogen in Longshot

Adam McKay's Don’t Look Up is one of Netflix's biggest releases of 2021, and it stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Jonah Hill, along with many other A-listers. Already oozing with McKay's signature humor and social commentary, the film centers on the public's reaction to a life-threatening asteroid's impending collision with earth. The first trailer released this week to a lot of praise and excitement, but one thing it didn't have is one of Hill's key collaborators, Seth Rogen. Now, the comedic actor has shared a funny take after not getting cast in the star-studded movie.

Yes, Don’t Look Up looks like a prime showcase for Leonardo DiCaprio, who seems almost unrecognizable, and it looks like Jonah Hill is enjoying playing the president's sarcastic chief of staff. Still, one can't help but wish the film had a bit of Seth Rogen. Nevertheless, the actor joined the wave and decided to congratulate his buddy Jonah Hill on Instagram and threw in his hilarious thought about not being cast in the movie. Rogen commented on Hill’s post, saying:

I am excited to watch you in this film and am in no way really upset I wasn’t put in this movie as well.

Seth Rogen would be a nice fit for Don’t Look Up. It goes without saying that he has the talent, and seeing him rub shoulders with the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep would be great. On the bright side, Rogen, Jonah Hill, and Adam McKay are all in the same universe of collaborators and go back quite a ways, so they'll likely work together again in the future.

Coincidentally, Jonah Hill recently recounted the story of how he met Adam McKay and Will Ferrell while living at Seth Rogen’s apartment early in his career. Since that meeting, all three have gone on to do incredible things in Hollywood, with Jonah Hill having been nominated for an Oscar and McKay having won for Best Adapted Screenplay for his work on 2016's The Big Short.

Seth Rogen has also been pretty busy lately, amassing a number of high-profile projects. For instance, he's reportedly teaming up with iconic filmmaker Steven Spielberg in a semi-biographical film, in which he plays the director’s “favorite uncle.” And outside of his work, the actor shaved off most of his hair and beard, becoming almost unrecognizable and causing quite a stir on the internet.

Let's hope it won't be too long before Seth Rogen is able to reteam with his buddies again. All three are tremendous talents, and having them together on a project can't be a bad thing. But before that potential collaboration happens, you can check out Don't Look Up when it finally hits select theaters on December 10 and Netflix on the 24th.

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