Seth Rogen Shaved Off His Beard And Most Of His Hair, And Wow

Seth Rogen

Fans of Seth Rogen, either back in his Knocked Up and Pineapple Express days and more recent times, know the actor as shaggy and wild haired with varying lengths of beard. It looks like times may be changing, though, because the famous stoner has cleaned up his look in a near-clean shaven haircut and beard trim and there’s really only one word for how he looks now: Wow!

Honestly, it’s been a while since Seth Rogen has graced us with his face on social media. His Instagram looks like a fine art museum’s exhibit, as it mainly features pictures of his ceramic creations -- a new hobby that looks to be going pretty well for the actor. In his latest Instagram post, though, we get a full on look at what Rogen looks like now, and it’s very different from what we are used to from the star. Take a look at Rogen in all his salt and pepper glory in his post below:

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If you need a before-and-after comparison, you don’t have to look further than Seth Rogen’s profile picture, because it still features an old photo of the actor looking like the characters we know and love in his older films. Rogen may have to update that picture, because if the fans have anything to say about it, his new look will be one that sticks around for a while.

Fans in the comments are loving the new, cleaner cut look on Seth Rogen. Among the apparent hundreds of fire emojis that have been thrown Rogen’s way in the comments, are high compliments about his hair, still very there stubble, his new glasses, and basically everything visible in the photo. Some commenters are loving his whole aesthetic, from the short hair to the grandpa cardigan.

His fans are not the only ones raving about the new look, as celebrities can be seen in the comments giving Seth Rogen props for the haircut. Mark Duplass comments, “Handsome boy” while comedian Chris Klemens says, “You went from father to daddy there I said it.” Klemens definitely isn’t the only one calling Rogen “Daddy" in the comments, either.

I’ve got to say, though, the most clever comment has got to be from video game company Polycade, who made a play on Rogen’s past super simple captions on his vases and ceramic creations, by commenting “I made this mug.” This comment was not missed by other fans, who are living for what would have been the perfect caption.

In the most on-brand thing ever for the star, Seth Rogen recently started his own weed company, and his ceramics have been helpful in the area, as well as something the star appears to just enjoy doing. Don’t worry, though, he’s still pretty active in Hollywood even if he isn’t really in the center of projects much anymore. Rogen is acting as producer on a number of projects, including The Boys and Pam & Tommy, both of which he also has appeared in.

Seth Rogen actually has a huge number of projects in the works, mainly for which he is acting as producer. When he does appear on screen again, though, here’s to hoping he’ll be sporting his most recent clean-cut look!

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