We Have A Wild Theory On The Matrix 4, So Hear Us Out

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The Matrix Resurrections is still a pretty solid mystery when it comes to the story that Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss and Yahya-Abdul Mateen II will be jacking into. Which is just the way any true Matrix fan would want it, as that cloak of secrecy allows us to try and decode what lies ahead. In the spirit of that fact, we have a wild theory about what the fourth Matrix movie is about, so hear us out.

It all begins with a simple question: what if The Matrix is now a massive multiplayer video game built to hide the truth of the universe from humanity? Buckle your seatbelts, dear readers, because Kansas is going bye bye, again.

Jonathan Groff gestures widely while sitting in a chair in The Matrix Resurrections.

The Matrix Trilogy Might Exists In The Matrix Resurrections As A Video Game

The doorway to this theory came from an alleged leak from earlier in The Matrix Resurrections’ lifespan. With actors claiming that they auditioned for roles in the film with monologues discussing “The Trilogy,” it was claimed that the previous three films exist in the world of Lana Wachowski’s latest sequel, and as a landmark gaming title. From what little footage we’ve seen in the first trailer, there’s already some evidence that boosts this theory’s foundation.

While it’s hard to tell if Keanu Reeves’ “Thomas Anderson” and the character played by Jonathan Groff are actually working at a game studio, it doesn’t feel far off. The movie already looks to be set on the West Coast, where most businesses of that sort are headquartered. Plus, the line about “going back to The Matrix” doesn’t sound like it’s talking about the physical reality. Mr. Groff’s character just might be suggesting a big reboot/remake to that landmark in-universe game.

Keanu Reeves looks up into an alternate universe elevator in The Matrix Resurrections.

Neo Has Started To Notice A Potential Matrix Multiverse

A couple of shots in The Matrix Resurrections trailer seem to open Warner Bros’ legendary universe wide open. Early on, we see Thomas Anderson in the Blue Pill universe he exists in, looking up in an elevator. What he sees is another elevator in a seemingly mirrored image. This works perfectly because The Matrix has always had a thing for mirrors into another world.

Walking between these mirrors just might be the doorway into a hypothetical Matrix multiverse. Which, if you’re a regular in the multiplayer gaming world, almost sounds like the server system that makes matches between players. Those matches form what any particular game’s software might consider an appropriate team for the game ahead. So Morpheus, as well as Jessica Henwick’s mystery character, might be reaching out to Neo from another server/universe, recruiting him for the next war against the machines.

Yahya-Abdul Mateen II being reconstructed by nanobots in The Matrix Resurrections.

Classic Matrix Characters Look To Have Been Respawned For The Matrix Resurrections

Thanks to Yahya-Abdul Mateen II himself, we’ve basically confirmed that he is indeed playing Morpheus in The Matrix Resurrections. It partially explains why Laurence Fishburne’s original incarnation of the character isn’t present, but it doesn’t tell us how Lana Wachowski looks to explain the substitute. The explanation might lie in the classic gaming practice of respawning, where after a character’s death, they’re brought back to life and put back into the game.

An interesting wrinkle in this piece of the theory is that Neo, Trinity and Morpheus have been respawned in The Matrix Resurrections. However, only Morpheus seems to have changed form, unless that other guy Neo sees in the mirror is his true form. For now, the respawning theory is valid, as classic Matrix figures have returned. But to potentially explain Morpheus’ new face, we have to turn back to the original trilogy.

Armed Agents chasing humans down a hallway in The Matrix Resurrections.

The Matrix Resurrections May Be Taking Its Cues From The Matrix Online

Morpheus isn’t the first character to have respawned with a brand new face in The Matrix history. Originally played by Gloria Foster, The Oracle was recast with actor Mary Alice after Foster’s passing during production of The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions. The explanation given for this switcheroo in the world of The Matrix? The Oracle’s termination code was sold to The Merovingian (Lambert Wilson), and as a result, he changed her face.

Obviously Laurence Fishburne is alive and well, so surely he could have returned for The Matrix Resurrections if asked. However, in The Matrix Online, [Morpheus was supposedly killed](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morpheus(TheMatrix) after waging his own war against machine-kind post-Matrix Revolutions. With The Merovingian returning in The Matrix Resurrections, and The Matrix Online allegedly maintained as series canon, a literal MMORPG may be built into the structure of this latest chapter.

Neo and Trinity ride a motorcycle through a battling crowd in The Matrix Resurrections.

This Time, The Fight For The Matrix Looks Like It’s More Than Just Neo And Trinity

The most literal piece of evidence that supports this latest Matrix adventure being a multiplayer game is the fact that in The Matrix Resurrections’ first trailer, we literally see massive armies of people fighting on the streets. While Neo is definitely going to be important to the fight ahead, it doesn’t look like humanity merely has to rely on “The One” for freedom. There’s also the potential revelation that Trinity may have powers similar to that of Neo, as Carrie-Anne Moss is seen engaging in some sort of abilities in The Matrix Resurrections footage.

Multiple universes/servers would also require just as many teams fighting the machines running the show. So we might even get to see multiple variants of “The One” who are customized to however their world’s variant of savior sees themselves. And what better way to crash a multi-server game than what would qualify as a brute force attack on several digital fronts?

The Matrix Resurrections could very well be taking place in a world where a multiplayer online format may be distracting this generation of humanity from the evils being done. And this time, while Neo, Trinity and Morpheus might still be leading the charge, it’s going to be up to all of us to fight the battle. With an early reaction claiming this fourth Matrix film is going to be one of the most meta experiences ever, this theory would definitely track.

We still have some time before we discover the truth behind The Matrix Resurrections, as the film doesn’t open until December 22. However, you have a choice in how you experience that film, just as Neo did between the Blue Pill and the Red Pill. Should you choose movie theaters, conventional and IMAX showings will show you where the rabbit hole leads this time out. But if you’re an HBO Max subscriber, the first 31 days of the film’s release will allow you to watch it in the comfort of your own home. So check out the latest subscription offer and lock in your portal to both the past and the future of The Matrix universe.

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