Grease's Eddie Deezen Arrested After Assaulting Police Officers

For decades, character actor Eddie Deezen has been known as the stereotypical nerd and typecast in films like the 1970’s musical adaptation of Grease to play just that part. But after a recent incident escalated to physical assault and arrest, that image might be broken once and for all. As of earlier today, Mr. Deezen has been arrested on multiple charges, including “second-degree assault, disorderly conduct and trespassing.”

The incident occurred at a restaurant in LaVale, Maryland, according to the report run by TMZ. For an unspecified reason, Eddie Deezen was “causing a scene” at said restaurant and asked to leave. Deezen refused, even when law enforcement had arrived to escort him from the premises. Before his arrest, the actor assaulted the officers called to the scene via throwing objects at his eventual captors.

Thankfully, aside from one of the arresting officers being struck in the head with the variety of “plates, bowls, and food” thrown by Eddie Deezen, there were no serious injuries reported. Photos of the end result show a captive Deezen being walked out of the restaurant, while shirtless. He is currently being held on the previously mentioned charges, with no further updates at this time.

This turn of events is just months after Eddie Deezen had found himself in the news for allegedly harassing waitress Kara Lashbaugh at a restaurant in his hometown of Cumberland, Maryland. Once she had shared her side of this story on the internet, Deezen then claimed to be cyberbullied by friends of Ms. Lashbaugh. As of this writing, there is no evident connection between Mr. Deezen’s arrest and this matter.

Known most famously as Eugene Felsnic in both Grease and Grease 2, Eddie Deezen’s career took off in the ‘80s with roles in blockbusters like Wargames and cult classics such as Surf II: The End of the Trilogy. Eventually, Deezen’s voice work would also become prolific, as he would go on to play the infamous Mandark in Cartoon Network’s Dexter’s Laboratory and “Know It All” in Robert Zemeckis’ The Polar Express. Most recently, he was heard as a guest voice on the Disney Channel original series Wander Over Yonder.

While the matter of why Eddie Deezen was ordered to leave the LaVale, Maryland restaurant is still being investigated, it’s unfortunate to hear that the scenario escalated to a physical confrontation. Still, with no major injuries sustained by any of the involved parties, it’s now just a matter of waiting to hear how further legal proceedings pan out. As further details start to be made public, we’ll undoubtedly get more pieces to the puzzle that makes up this unexpected scenario. On the entertainment side of things, if you’re looking to find out what’s headed to a theater near you, you can check out the 2021 movie schedule.

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