Wait, Denzel Washington Could Have Been In F9? Why One Star Wants To See Him In Fast 10

Denzel Washington

Being regarded as the 21st century’s greatest actor, everyone in Hollywood would love to share the screen with Denzel Washington. Of course, Washington has appeared in a plethora of films over his decades-long career. But unlike a lot of Hollywood stars, the two-time Oscar winner has avoided or been allergic to building franchises. He’s only ever made one sequel in his career – 2018’s The Equalizer 2. So, joining the fray of a long-running franchise like Fast & Furious doesn’t seem to be Washington’s style. But that might not be entirely true, according to one Fast & Furious star. F9’s Sung Kang revealed the Oscar winner could’ve been in the latest installment.

Getting Denzel Washington to be involved in the Fast & Furious franchise would be a major moment. So, Sung Kang’s revelation might throw some fans off. But he wouldn’t be the first notable star to join the world of fast cars and ridiculous stunts (i.e., Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren and Kurt Russell). Washington could’ve been related to a key character, according to Kang. The F9 star spilled to Screen Rant about what role The Tragedy of Macbeth star could’ve played in one of 2021’s biggest hits.

There was talk that Denzel Washington was going to be in our film, and I think he was initially maybe going to play Vin’s dad, or something like that? I’m a huge Denzel fan, so I would love to see him again, and share the screen with him, so someone like him. And then early on, a similar question was asked, 'Does this person have to be alive? Can it be a dead person?'

So, Denzel Washington could’ve played Vin Diesel’s father in F9. That’s something that needs to settle in. Given Washington has played fathers in films like Fences and John Q, there’s no telling what direction Dom, Mia and Jakob’s father would’ve gone in with him in the driver’s seat. As many Fast & Furious fans know, the role of Dom Toretto’s father was played by Mayan M.C.’s J.D. Pardo. But the Oscar winner might’ve brought a distinct perspective to the character. As Sung Kang pointed out, The Little Things star could still pop up in the final Fast & Furious installments. The only question is – would he do it?

Having Denzel Washington, Charlize Theron and Helen Mirren share the big screen would be a cinephile’s dream. But getting him to do it might be a challenge as Washington’s schedule is currently filled. Plus, the Oscar winner has been slowly moving behind the scenes. So having Washington in Fast 10 or 11 would be otherworldly for moviegoers from an already chaotic franchise. Well, stranger things have happened.

Viewers will have to wait until April 7, 2023 to see if Denzel Washington pops up in Fast 10. Until then, moviegoers can enjoy Han’s return to the franchise by watching F9 on Prime Video, Vudu and home media.

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