Mayans M.C.'s JD Pardo Hypes Up Season 3 Being 'The Absolute Best' One Yet

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Following a pretty lengthy period of radio silence after Season 2 concluded back in November 2019, FX's down and dirty hit drama Mayans M.C. finally started making some long-awaited noise with the recent announcement that Season 3 will debut in March. That excellence led to star JD Pardo giving fans a big ol' boast about what we can expect from the show in its third outing, basically calling it the best season yet!

JD Pardo hit up Instagram to share a colorful shot of his character EZ "Don't Call Me Jax Teller" Reyes, and paired that visual with some major hype for Season 3 of Mayans M.C.

I can’t express how proud I am of this season. The Cast, AMAZING Crew, Production, Studio, were able to come together and film this season despite all the changes and limitations on set and tell the absolute best Mayans MC story to date. I want to thank @elginnjames for his sacrifice, and his faith in me, the cast and the show. This season is cinematic, raw, unfiltered, touching your soul and breaking your heart at the same time.

For one thing, JD Pardo makes it clear that Mayans M.C. didn't let COVID-centric safety precautions get in the way of anyone on the creative team delivering a high-quality product. He gave a general shout out to all the main factions that go into bringing a TV show to life, and then pinpointed his praise to showrunner and co-creator Elgin James, who tackled this season without fellow co-creator Kurt Sutter, who stepped down from his co-showrunner role shortly before he was fired from the show altogether over workplace conduct.

JD Pardo shared a bit more in his post, reflecting on how the show is able to go on such an emotional journey while not exactly telling the glitziest tale.

There’s nothing pretty or glamorous about the Mayans. We are wolves trying to survive and fighting for our lives. This is our story. I hope you tune in with me!

Mayans M.C. certainly went to some interesting places as Season 2 came to a close, making some big and deadly connections with Sons of Anarchy characters, and not exactly in ways that could go well for all involved. When it comes to more heartbreaking topics, the subject of Angel's supposed kid with Adelita could lead to some emotional moments, as well as the relationship between EZ and Edward James Olmos' Felipe. Check out JD Pardo's full post below.

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Catch a hectic and danger-filled ride with EZ and the rest of the club when Mayans M.C. returns to FX for Season 3 on Thursday, March 16, with episodes available the next day through FX on Hulu. Now the big question is how many Sons of Anarchy drinking games can I play before March 16 gets here...

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