Free Guy: Watch Jodie Comer's Badass Training To Fight With Ryan Reynolds In Exclusive Clip

Video game worlds like Free Guy’s Free City are canvases where anybody can do, or be, anything. Want to be a gun-toting crusader like Jodie Comer’s Molotov Girl? You can totally do that, with the proper modifications in game. Though for actors like Comer and Ryan Reynolds to actually pull that act off in the real world, there’s a lot of badass training that’s usually involved. Which, as you can see above in our exclusive clip from Free Guy's bonus features, is much harder than adjusting a skill scale; but well worth the time.

Arriving today on digital rental and purchase platforms, Free Guy has some exciting peeks behind the curtain of director Shawn Levy’s surprise blockbuster. One such extra happens to be a nice and quick reel that encompasses quite a bit of Jodie Comer’s transformation into an action hero. That’s no small feat, considering Free Guy was the first time she actually got to jump into such a rigorous exercise.

Playing both Molotov Girl, and her real-life counterpart Millie, Free Guy saw Jodie Comer launching into action packed fights like a total champion. As 2nd Unit Director/Stunt Coordinator Chris O’Hara describes the process that turned Comer into a fighter, he lays out a plan that saw 2-3 weeks of training change her acting life. The actor herself also adds in her own recollections of both the physical and stunt training regimen that got the Killing Eve star into fighting shape.

It all comes together through a look at the stash house fight, which sees Jodie Comer’s Molotov Girl and Ryan Reynolds’ Guy trying to battle their way out of a nasty situation. Surrounded by digital avatars running security for said house, Molotov Girl’s quest for evidence of some real-life wrongdoing turns into a large action set piece. While you can only see snips of that showdown above, the training that went into making that Free Guy moment believable is undeniably taxing.

The work paid off in the end though, as the movie was not only a feel-good entertainment, with some action to spare, but it also led to the development of a sequel. Free Guy went from being the metaphorical underdog to a triumphant hero in the world of original ideas. It’s an opportunity that, so long as the right idea presents itself, isn’t at odds with its original mission statement. So next time Jodie Comer has to go in for training in the world of Free Guy, it’ll absolutely help that she did such a bang up job the first time around. Who knows what challenges another round in the universe of this offbeat hit will present to Comer, Ryan Reynolds, and whomever else joins in on the fun?

You might still be able to catch Free Guy in theaters, should you feel like heading out to the movies. Or, you can rent or purchase Ryan Reynolds and Jodie Comer’s action-comedy wherever you enjoy your digital media. Those of you holding out for the physical media will have to wait until October 12th, as the movie will then be available on 4K UHD, Blu-ray, and DVD.

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