No Time To Die Reviews Are In, See What Critics Are Saying About Daniel Craig’s Final Adventure As Bond

Daniel Craig as James Bond

After a year and half delay, Daniel Craig's final film as the iconic James Bond is finally here. Craig's tenure has had resounding highs in films like Casino Royale and Skyfall but it's also seen lows in A Quantum of Solace and Spectre. So exactly how the Daniel Craig era of Bond would truly end was anybody's guess. Based on the critical response, No Time to Die ends things on a high note as most critics, though certainly not all, think this movie was worth the wait.

One critic who is not shy with the praise is CinemaBlend's own James Bond (expert) Mike Reyes, who thinks that, while No Time to Die is a very different sort of James Bond story, it's one that is told very well, and a most fitting ending to the tenure of Daniel Craig. For those who have been waiting so long and have been wondering if No Time to Die would truly deliver, Mike gives the movie a perfect five star score and simply says...

Put your fears to rest, because Daniel Craig and Cary Joji Fukunaga make their shot count, as this last ride for the rebooted Bond is one for the ages.

While most reviews, even the positive ones, aren't quite so glowing in their praise, there are others who think No Time to Die is truly something special. Over at Variety the critic says the new movie is the best of Craig, and the best of Bond, since Casino Royale, and this comes from a critic who didn't even like Skyfall as much as most people. But this one works...

No Time to Die is a terrific movie: an up-to-the-minute, down-to-the-wire James Bond thriller with a satisfying neo-classical edge.

Most other critics, while they feel No Time to Die ultimately comes through, it does so, perhaps like James Bond himself, with scars to show for it. The movie is a long one, two hours and 45 minutes, and while that run time flew by for the critics that thought No Time to Die was near perfect, it was a bit long for others. THR likely sums up most critics' feelings on the whole of the movie with the statement...

Even if the two-and-three-quarter hour running time is occasionally a slog, it ultimately delivers.

While most critics do think No Time to Die delivers, not everybody agrees. There are a handful of critics that don't think the movie works. In the end, the fact that No Time to Die is ultimately not a "traditional" James Bond story seems to be a determining factor. Those who were ok with that fact like the film, while those who like what Bond movies usually bring to the table found the movie disappointing. The AV Club was one of those, saying...

No Time To Die is forgettable in all the places that usually count -- it's a Bond movie with little excitement or panache.

If trying to gage your own potential feelings on No Time to Die, it probably does come down to that question. If you're ready for a Bond movie that doesn't quite fit into the traditional mold that six decades of movies have created, you'll probably like No Time To Die. However, if you go see Bond movies because you like what tradition has brought to the series, you might find it lacking. You'll find out when No Time to Die hits theaters October 8.

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