Hugh Jackman Reacts To Daniel Craig Hilariously Shooting Him Down As The Next Bond

Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman

The steadily approaching release of No Time To Die marks the last film Daniel Craig will appear as James Bond in. While the end of his era as 007 will be mourned by plenty of James Bond fans, the world is questioning who will usher in the new phase of iconic super spy films. Apparently it’s not going to be Hugh Jackman though, as Craig hilariously shot that idea down right away. It’s all in good fun, though, and Jackman has a pretty amicable reaction to the playful jab.

Hugh Jackman has a pretty famous and extensive faux feud with star Ryan Reynolds, and it looks like Daniel Craig feels left out of all the trolling fun to be had. Jackman’s name was mentioned in a conversation about who will be the new James Bond, and Craig quickly interrupted his interviewer to insist Jackman is not, will not, and will never be in the running for his title of 007.

Of course, he was totally joking and Hugh Jackman apparently is super cool with it. Jackman took to his Twitter about the clip of the interview and has nothing but kind words for Daniel Craig, saying he will always be 007 in his eyes. You can check out both the clip and caption in Jackman’s tweet below:

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While there have been seemingly countless names brought up and in the running to become the next James Bond, Hugh Jackman’s doesn’t seem to be one of them. Even in the interview, the interviewer isn’t even suggesting Jackman for the role, but touching on Craig passing on Jackman’s advice to the next Bond actor. Honestly, Craig’s interjection to make sure everyone knows Jackman isn’t going to be Bond unless it’s over his dead body, is even funnier knowing it wasn’t even a thought beforehand.

Even though Hugh Jackman may not be in the running to replace Daniel Craig, he was pretty close to taking his spot back when Craig first became Bond. Apparently Jackman turned down the chance to be Bond back when he was first getting into the X-Men movies. Maybe that’s where this playful animosity from Craig came from, but judging by Jackman’s response, they’re still very cool with each other.

Fans are loving this new feud-like interaction, but people seem to be in agreement in the comments of Hugh Jackman’s post that someone else would be a better fit to take up the reigns as James Bond. One commenter even brings up a name that has not been big on the Bond radar, Lucifer star Tom Ellis. The actor would be pretty perfect as 007, as he pretty much already looks the part in Netflix’s Lucifer - accent and tux at the ready.

Although the next Bond is still up in the air, the powers at be will have to make a decision on Daniel Craig’s successor in the near future now that No Time To Die is nearly here. The film will be released to theaters on October 5th, almost 2 years after its original release date.

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