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I don't mean to rag on the girl, but Maggie Grace has been one of the weaker elements of pretty much everything I've seen her in. As Shannon on Lost she was whiny and spoiled, and by the time it came time for her character to get some depth-- spoiler alert!-- she was killed off. Then in Taken, the 25-year-old Grace played a high schooler by skipping and running everywhere-- though, I'll admit, she had a decent set of pipes for the required screams.

But now it looks like all that screaming in Taken has led her to her next gig. Variety is reporting that Grace, along with Salma Hayek, will be joining the cast of Faster, an action thriller in which Billy Bob Thornton and Dwayne Johnson play a driver (Johnson) and a cop (Thornton) hot on one anothers tails. No word on where Grace will fit into the plot, but presumably someone has to get kidnapped as incentive for Cop to go easy on Driver, and someone needs to play a sultry seducer to throw a wrench into the plans. Not that I'm saying it's clear which roles Grace and Hayek would play in a Dwayne Johnson... but I'm just saying.

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