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Carla Gugino is doing a revenge flick with The Rock. The last time they teamed up it resulted in one of the most awful remakes of a mediocre Disney film in recent memory. This time hopefully they’ll get her in a bikini or something, so nobody will notice how much they suck together. But probably not since she’s playing some sort of badass detective. Cops never do enough gratuitous tanning.

Variety says the movie is called Faster and in it Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is an ex-con out to avenge his brother’s murder by checking off the items on a “deadly to-do list.” Gugino is the detective hot on his trail, trying to connect the dots.

The good news here is that this isn’t a Disney movie or a family comedy, and it’s been far too long since The Rock did one of those. The last time he did, it didn’t suck, so bikinis for Gugino aside it stands a fairly good chance of being worth your time. And you never know, they could set the whole thing in the swamps of Florida and get Carla in cutoffs or something. Swamp cops wear cutoffs and midriff tees when they drive fan boats don’t they? I’m pretty sure I saw that on Miami Vice once. Fingers crossed.

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