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Remember Roger Friedman, everybody? He was the Fox News critic who idiotically wrote a review of the leaked Wolverine print that hit the Internet last April. Friedman was fired from his job, but like a cockroach he lives on-- and now is breaking news about the Wolverine sequel.

Try not to let your head explode all over the keyboard. Over at his Showbiz 411 blog, Friedman writes that Wolverine 2 will be starting production in January, and yes, all those rumors we've heard about Wolvy in Japan are true. Hugh Jackman's muttonchopped character will be learning martial arts and also falling in love with a Japanese woman-- because apparently the woman he spent the entire first movie mooning over is just chopped liver now.

Given the brilliant plot device of amnesia bullets at the end of the first film, they can do pretty much whatever they want with this movie, so don't be surprised if even more nonsensical stuff shows up. But will it be more nonsensical than a critic who openly pirated a movie breaking news about its sequel? That shit is just stranger than fiction.

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