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Ever since Valentine's Day basically carpet-bombed the box office a few weeks ago, its seemed obvious that director Garry Marshall would move immediately into the greenlit sequel, New Year's Eve. After all, now there will be even more actors willing to do two days of work for a major payday, and if they move fast and shoot everything as poorly as they did the first film, they could have the whole thing finished before New Year's Eve rolls around this year.

But Coming Soon is reporting that another project may come up on deck first. Marshall has also been planning a remake of Frank Capra's 1948 drama State of the Union, and now Jessica Biel may be on-board to star alongside Richard Gere in the film. It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, given that Gere would play a businessman campaigning for President and Biel his wife (there's a 30-plus year age gap between the two), but romantic comedy logic is often nonexistent.

Casting strangeness aside, though, it seems far more likely that Biel would show back up in New Year's Eve than board another project that doesn't seem to be on anyone's radar. Even Coming Soon says this is just a "maybe" rumor, so I wouldn't get too excited about this bizarre romantic pairing just yet.

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