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The Descendants is the story of a man, out of touch with his two daughters, struggling to cope with his wife's irreversible coma and extramarital affair. In as many words, shit gets complicated when he confronts his wife's other man and has to decide whether or not to unplug her from the machines keeping her alive.

Already signed on to star is the almost guaranteed Oscar nom George Clooney, and THR has just announced his team of support. The sleepy wife will be played by Judy Greer, whom you all should know and love as Kitty from Arrested Development, followed by Matthew Lillard who I'm guessing will be the man she's cheating with, as well as Beau Bridges and Robert Forster who will likely appear in fatherly or doctor roles. Just a hunch.

The piece is based on the debut novel from Hawaiian author Kaui Hart Hemmings, currently in its first hardcover run.

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