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Think you know the entire cast of Faster? Think again. It’s common knowledge the film stars Dwayne Johnson as well as Billy Bob Thornton, Carla Gugino, Moon Bloodgood, Oliver Jackson-Cohen and Maggie Grace, but there’s someone missing from that list. Not only is does this individual play a pivotal role in the film, but she’s becoming a relatively well-known actress as well. It's Dexter’s Jennifer Carpenter!

Johnson leads as an ex-con going to the extreme to avenge his brother’s death. Gugino and Thornton are the detectives hot on his trail. While chatting with MTV at ShoWest, Johnson described the film as “a mix between The Good, the Bad & the Ugly [and] Bullitt. It has an old-school texture to it where no one has names. There's the Driver, the Killer, the Cop, the Evangelist, the Woman." ‘The Woman’ is Gugino, right? Wrong! Johnson revealed that part is played by Carpenter.

I don’t usually gravitate towards films headlining The Rock or brutal revenge actioners, but Carpenter’s involvement is a game changer. As a huge fan of Dexter, I’m instantly intrigued by anything involving any of the cast. On top of that, Carpenter seems to have the most potential of the bunch. If all goes well with Faster and her Dexter schedule permits, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her name popping up more frequently.

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