On the New York City subway I’ve been subjected to mobile mariachi bands, homeless men’s speeches for cash, bootleg DVD sales and even a failed attempt at pole dancing, but never something as awesome as a Star Wars invasion. For a lucky few riders, their $2.25 was worth way more than a ride from one street in Manhattan to another; they got to be part of an Improv Everywhere ambush.

This is the group responsible for shocking bystanders with out of the ordinary behavior. They shocked commuters during a mass pause in Frozen Grand Central, surprised shoppers with a performance in Food Court Musical and now they’ve treated a car-full of subway riders to some Star Wars role-play.

The reactions are absolutely hilarious. What starts out as just one guy giving the lady dressed as Princess Leia an odd look turns into a mass of riders trying to capture the action with cameras and cell phones. Good day or bad, you don’t normally catch subway riders with gigantic smiles on their faces. I would have paid double the fare to have such an awesome experience on the 6.



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