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Years before I had the awesome job that I have now, I was a simple movie fanatic/obsessive. A day wouldn't go by without at least five visits to IMDb. One page that I regularly looked at was Steve Buscemi's, one of my favorite character actors of all time. Over the years, however, I would notice one title that never seemed to move from the pre-production section of his filmography: We Are The Millers. It always surprised me because it sounded like such a great project: an aging pot dealer decides to go for the big score by forming a fake family and moving a huge shipment of marijuana across the U.S. border from Mexico. Sadly, Buscemi is no longer attached to the project, but it is finally moving forward.

The Los Angeles Times reports that New Line has put the long-gestating film back into development and have begun their search for a director. As of now, candidates include Burr Steers, who directed this summer's Charlie St. Cloud and the pair Sean Anders and John Morris, who wrote Hot Tub Time Machine. The script is currently undergoing rewrites and will begin casting soon.

A pot comedy done right can be a real treat when done right, so let's hope that they find somebody able to handle the material. But directors aside, the question is what 40-50 year old actor should take on the lead role?

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