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It’s sure to be the stupidest 3D event of the year, and I couldn’t be more excited. The return of Jackass to theaters is like a visit from an old, beloved friend whom you welcome into your home only to have him vomit on your carpet while hitting on your wife and making inappropriate comments to your kids. Actually I don’t know why I’m so excited about Jackass 3-D. There’s no good excuse for it. I simply am.

The movie’s coming and as they did for the last one they’ve started releasing playing-card styled movie posters for the film. We’ve gotten our hands on the first four. Here they are, in which Johnny Knoxville and his various Jackasses in engage in activities that all to often result in someone getting hit in the nuts. If there’s a positive in all of this it’s this: I’m pretty sure that, by now, none of these guys is capable of having kids.

Click on any of the posters below to see them bigger and in gloriously stupid high-resolution.

As long as you're here, have some extra Jackass content. Watch as Jackass teams up with Weezer to answer that age old question: "What happens when a fat man dives into an above ground pool?" in Weezer's new Jackass 3D music video:

Jackass 3-D leaps out of theater screens and shows you its sack on October 15th.

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