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"Slow justice is no justice" crows the tagline on the new one-sheet poster for Faster, and while I might be tempted to argue in the name of democracy and whatnot, but the sight of Dwayne Johnson's gun-- along with an actual bullet-- will keep me quiet for now. Basically all you need to know about Faster is in this poster, from the fact that it stars Johnson and Billy Bob Thornton to the totally ridiculous and great tagline. Oh wait, there's one more tagline to amuse you-- "This year the holidays come faster." Damn right they do!

Check out the new poster below and feel your heartbeat rise just by looking at it. If you need to know more-- and I can't imagine why you would--you can also take a look at the trailer. Faster hits theaters November 24, just in time for you to take your entire extended family to watch The Rock kick ass after you've lapsed into a turkey coma. It's the American way.

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