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This may be one of those rare situations where a series reboot is 100% warranted. Universal is moving forward with what they’re calling a “big-budget sci-fi blockbuster” version of Timecop, according to What’s Playing. And, for once, it actually makes sense to give this another shot.

The original story follows our hero, played in 1994 by the incomparable Jean Claude Van Damme, who travels through time preventing the past from being altered by villains. Two caveats; One: no traveling into the future since it hasn’t happened yet, and Two: no two copies of the same molecules can occupy the same space. In layman’s terms, don’t come into physical contact with your former self or you implode in some horrific explosion of frozen death. Seriously, watch the original. It’s brutal. Of course, there’s a baddie looking to change the past for personal gain and JCVD needs to stop him.

Timecop is a really cool, albeit inevitably plot-hole-laden, idea that wasn’t executed very well on its first go around. Now that it’s been 16-years (holy shit I’m old) it’s perfectly acceptable that this movie, which no one beyond its star cares about, get another chance.

The project has been in development for over four years (really?!) and Universal is looking to get this sucker on the fast track. Expect a big screen release within the next year and a half. We won’t see Jean-Claude Van Damme return, but the studio is looking for a big star to fill the role. Anybody want to get in on a pool for which one of The Expendables will get the role? More on this as it unfolds.

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