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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was born for action stardom. Sure, he took a detour with his wrestling career, but the man was built for car chases and shoot-outs. Sadly, he's spent far too much time starring in kiddie movies and comedies, so when he does decide to claim his birthright, we should all enjoy it.

The green band feature trailer for Faster has popped online and it's seems to be the exact type of movie that Johnson is supposed to be doing. The trailer itself is quite similar to the red band we showed you last week, just without the gun violence and some of the intensity. Even if you think it looks stupid, think of it this way: how many stupid Arnold Schwarzenegger movies were you willing to watch just because it was Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Check out the trailer below.

Faster arrives in theaters November 24th. For more info and images from the movie visit our Faster preview.

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