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Hopefully you’re not getting sick of aliens just yet, because after Monsters vs. Aliens, Aliens in the Attic, Paul, Super 8, and next month’s Cowbos & Aliens, Hollywood isn’t giving up. Platinum Studios announced today that they’re dipping into their massive comic character library and bringing Alien At Large to the big screen, with producing partners Practical Pictures.

Coming Soon got the press release, and thank the gods they did because I can’t find details about this property anywhere else. The release describes Alien At Large as follows:
Alien At Large tells the story of Earth's first interstellar ambassador, who is not the brightest star in the galaxy. Although he means well, he has the uncanny ability to turn a harmless situation into utter catastrophe. Yet his bumbling might just save our planet, as his arrival unwittingly disrupts a nefarious alien conspiracy.

It sounds like an extraterrestrial Three Stooges rehash, and that doesn’t sound appealing. However, Platinum Studios' involvement with Cowboys & Aliens, which looks great, may prove that they can turn Alien At Large into more than a movie about a bumbling idiot who messes things up. We don’t need another Mr. Bean.

Details on the release are super slim, but casting and crewing will get started pretty soon so expect more updates as the month moves forward.

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